The international web awards for solo designers, studios & agencies

Presenting The Official Judging Panel For 2017

We are honored to present the official CSSDA international judging panel featuring a dream team of web professionals that come together to judge the best websites in the world at the end of each month and year.

  • Todd Paulson

    Todd Paulson

    Todd is chief creative officer/partner at KNOCK, inc. and has over 20 years of experience working with numerous award winning campaigns.

  • Jan Kristian Haavi

    Jan Kristian Haavi

    Jan Kristian is Designer and Head of Design at Apt, an award winning Oslo based digital agency that creates engaging solutions.

  • David Lai

    David Lai

    David is the CEO/creative director at Hello Design. He provides strategic and creative leadership and has won numerous awards over 15 years.

  • Manoela Ilic

    Manoela Ilic

    Manoela aka Mary Lou is a co-founder at Codrops and a freelance designer & developer with a passion for interaction design and UI design.

  • Jean-François  Thériault

    Jean-François Thériault

    Jean-Francois is Interactive Artistic Director for Lg2 with 17+ years of experience and has received numerous awards and distinctions.

  • Snorre Martinsen

    Snorre Martinsen

    Snorre is a Creative at T/A POL. He has 9+ years of experience as an award winning Art director in agencies like Naked and Saatchi & Saatchi.

  • Alejandro Vizio

    Alejandro Vizio

    Creative Director at Aerolab, passionate for digital products, trying to improve the internet experience by building an impressive & talented team.

  • Richard Mattka

    Richard Mattka

    Award winning Creative Director at Tool of North America. 10+ yrs exp, 20th Century Fox, Lionsgate, MTV, Apple, Sony & Google.

  • Kevin Wong

    Kevin Wong

    Kevin is the founder of Why Interactive. He likes finding inspirations from daily life and turning human needs into digital creative.

  • Cassiano Saldanha

    Cassiano Saldanha

    Creative Director at Apple Latin America. Cassiano served as ECD, CD & designer for R/GA, Ogilvy San Francisco, Publicis, JWT & DDB.

  • Emmanuel Cruellas

    Emmanuel Cruellas

    Co-founder & Creative Director of Bonhomme and a multi-awarded Art-Director. Specialist in Interactive Design & Innovative technologies.

  • Mayra Metaxa

    Mayra Metaxa

    Founder and front end web developer at lab21, Mayra first began freelancing in web design and development for leading agencies in 2007.

  • Orlando Festa

    Orlando Festa

    Founder at Roll Studio, formerly Motion/Graphic designer in broadcast and new media development. Builder and nurturer of digital teams.

  • Stefano Caliandro

    Stefano Caliandro

    Stefano is Founder and Creative Director at Gusto IDS. He loves pixels, minimal design and few fonts. In the free time he likes to work ;-)

  • Michi Del Rosso

    Michi Del Rosso

    A visual artist & UI/UX designer, Michi co-founded Awd Agency and serves as creative director. He loves design, fashion and the beauty of ideas.

  • Tom Anderson

    Tom Anderson

    Tom is Co-Founder and Creative Director at Green Chameleon, a multi-award wining digital design and marketing agency.

  • Ryan Brussow

    Ryan Brussow

    Ryan is CEO & ECD at multi award-winning Teamgeek. With 13 yrs web & mobile experience, he has worked with some of the world's biggest brands.

  • Michela Chiucini

    Michela Chiucini

    Michela is a Designer and Art Director at TAOSTUDIO, intuitive design systems with a touch of simpatia. Co-Founder of Coding Divas.

  • Ken Braun

    Ken Braun

    Ken is chief creative officer/founder of Lounge Lizard Worldwide, Inc. Ken is also Webby Awards Judge and inducted member of the IADAS.

  • Catalina De Leon Belloc

    Catalina De Leon Belloc

    Founder of Purple Bunny and Former UI/UX Director at Indicius. Catalina has been focused user's experience for 10+ years.

  • Jared Chelf

    Jared Chelf

    Jared is co-founder of Coulee Creative, a tight knit team of artists and strategic thinkers that specialize in innovative website design.

  • Mariana Luna

    Mariana Luna

    Product Designer at 23 Design, the only product design studio in Mexico, working with startups to design their products, their strategy, UX/UI, etc.

  • Alexander Moyse

    Alexander Moyse

    Digital Director at Frank Digital, Alex has made digital ideas come to life for 10+ years via strategy, design, development, and digital producing.

  • Tristan Dwyer

    Tristan Dwyer

    Tristan is the Digital Experience Director & Tech Lead at White Rhino and heads up their Addictive Experience (AX) practice to B2Bs.

  • Colin Orij

    Colin Orij

    Freelance digital native at Bold Interactive & former concept strategist at MediaMonks with 10+ years experience in digital.

  • Adam Hartwig

    Adam Hartwig

    Adam is a Senior Creative Developer at B-Reel, a team of storytellers and technologists creating new ways to connect brands and audiences.

  • Mathieu Schatzler

    Mathieu Schatzler

    Mathieu has been the Creative director of Wokine since 2007 with 5+ years exp as a freelance designer in web, graphic design & branding.

  • Lucas Nikitczuk

    Lucas Nikitczuk

    Director at NK studio with 10+ yrs experience. Focused on maximizing brands by building strong communication strategies.

  • Virginie Delannoy

    Virginie Delannoy

    Freelance Art Director and Designer a.k.a. Fluonoir, primarily focused on digital x luxury with 12+ yrs exp working as a freelancer.

  • Adrián Somoza

    Adrián Somoza

    Adrian is a Senior Visual Designer at R/GA at R/GA, the company for the connected age, founded in 1977.

  • Admir Hadzic

    Admir Hadzic

    Google UX Engineer Admir Hadzic is an award winning multi-disciplinary designer and Art Director with over 6+ years of experience.

  • Lorenzo Bocchi

    Lorenzo Bocchi

    Lorenzo is an Italian Art & Creative Director + UI & UX + Photographer + Front-end Developer. Currently in Sydney.

  • Piotr Swierkowski

    Piotr Swierkowski

    Piotr is owner / Art Director at piotrswierkowski with 7+ yrs exp in web & mobile interface design and winner of multiple awards.

  • Dalibor Hajdinjak

    Dalibor Hajdinjak

    Co-founder & creative director at Kreativa Studio with 7+ years experience, passionate about visual & interactive design.

  • Shogo Tabuchi

    Shogo Tabuchi

    Shogo is Art Director at digital creative agency AID-DCC Inc. He heads up all art direction, web design, front-end development, and illustration.

  • Marco Lopes

    Marco Lopes

    Marco is a designer at Farfetch and is driven by digital & interactive design. He is passionate about crafting innovative digital experiences.

  • David McGillivray

    David McGillivray

    David currently leads UI/UX design at AYR where he spurs innovation in digital product design, e-commerce, and digital marketing.

  • Tom Newton

    Tom Newton

    Tom is a senior digital designer with experience in big and small agencies who loves to tinker with code and make the web a better place.

  • Alee Foroughi

    Alee Foroughi

    Designer and Creative Director, Alee is founder of Swan and also leads Art & UI/UX at LimitLines, a team that creates digital solutions.

  • Philippe Hong

    Philippe Hong

    Award winning Art Director, UI/UX & Front end developer from France. Co-Founder of Currently in Sydney.

  • Michele Angeloro

    Michele Angeloro

    Italian Art Director and Digital designer. Focused on direction, design, motion and interactive experiences that are beautiful and simple to interact with.

  • Oliver Ecker

    Oliver Ecker

    Oliver is a freelance Digital Designer & Creative Director from Cologne, Germany. Working in the digital space since 2006.

  • Jeff Corey

    Jeff Corey

    Jeff is Owner/Creative Director at Visual Soldiers, an award winning creative agency for cutting-edge web experiences & brands.

  • Masateru Nishinaga

    Masateru Nishinaga

    Masateru is a designer and creative manager at Hot-Factory.,LTD and leads his team in art direction, web design and site construction.

  • Jorge Garcia

    Jorge Garcia

    Jorge aka JOGA is a Freelance Sr. Designer / Art Director from Colombia with 7 yrs experience. He loves making awesome projects and good friends.

  • Samuel Viani

    Samuel Viani

    Sam is a Brazilian Art Director & Designer in London. He focus in simplifying how people interact with brands as well as their services.

  • Tomasz Błokowski

    Tomasz Błokowski

    Freelance Art Director at Graviomedia & Snr Designer at Webidea. Award-winning designer & creative consultant. 10+ yrs exp.

  • Gudmundur Sigurdsson

    Gudmundur Sigurdsson

    Gudmundur (gummisig) is the founder and Creative Director at Kosmos and Kaos, an award winning digital agency in Iceland.

  • Simon Carr

    Simon Carr

    Simon is founder & Creative Director at DesignUps, for startups & brands. Expertise responsive design & front-end development.

  • Pete White

    Pete White

    Award winning art Director & Designer at Stereo. Pete has worked with Nike, MINI, Google, Oreo & the NFL. Previously at AKQA.

  • Bojan Wilytsch

    Bojan Wilytsch

    Former Design Lead at Worked in the past for clients like Google, Facebook, Adobe and The Weather Channel.

  • Aleksandr Motin

    Aleksandr Motin

    Aleksandr is a Creative Director & Co-Founder of Braind, an award winning digital agency from Russia. He is obsessed with details.

  • Ale Urrutia

    Ale Urrutia

    Ale is co-founder/creative director at colorale, a creative design studio in Shenzhen that build great concepts all across the world.

  • Marek Andersson Piatek

    Marek Andersson Piatek

    Marek is an independent freelancer that promotes best UX & creative practices. He has founded / co-founded several interactive startups.

  • Christophe Cournaud

    Christophe Cournaud

    Creative director at 909c with 15+ yrs exp in digital advertising, web sites, branded content production, VR 360° 3D and vidéo projects.

  • Steve Fraschini

    Steve Fraschini

    Steve is a freelance Art Director & Interactive Designer with over 10 yrs exp as a music composer in the french music industry.

  • Andre Venancio

    Andre Venancio

    Andre is a Freelance Snr Dev & Creative Technologist focused on exceptional user experiences. Ex Toaster, Razorfish, Unit9 and more.

  • Eric Grucza

    Eric Grucza

    A Front-end Developer currently at ENVOY, Eric has a passion for creating a more beautiful web, one project at time.

  • Clément Grellier

    Clément Grellier

    Freelance front-end developer in Paris who cares about design and UX. Also passionate about music.

  • Riccardo Marconato

    Riccardo Marconato

    Riccardo is a multi award-winning Creative Designer & Web Developer with a passion for interaction design and UI design.

  • Robin Noguier

    Robin Noguier

    Robin is a French UI/UX designer currently making cool projects at ueno. while freelancing. Formerly part of the great ultranoir team.

  • Giovanni Xu

    Giovanni Xu

    Giovanni is a French Interaction Designer based in Paris. He has a crush on smooth animations and loves playing with the layout.

  • ZHOU Wen Jun

    ZHOU Wen Jun

    ZHOU is Founder & Creative Director at 524 Studio. His vast experience includes judging international design awards in Italy & USA.

  • Amelie Bracq

    Amelie Bracq

    Senior Art director at Bigyouth Paris and independent Illustrator for press, books & interactive data as MélieLychee. 9+ yrs experience.

  • Stephen Scaff

    Stephen Scaff

    Stephen Scaff heads up front-end design & development at Urban Influence. He's down with well-structured code and simple, fluid designs.

  • Diogo Dantas

    Diogo Dantas

    Diogo is a freelance designer in Lisbon working with clients across the world. He is passionate about details & project management.

  • Armand Biteau

    Armand Biteau

    Creative Technologist with a focus on crafting creative experiences, with innovative technologies. GIFs and WebGL fanatic.

  • Julien Ouvrel

    Julien Ouvrel

    Julien is Head of Production at We Are Social Paris. 9+ yrs exp leading interactive and innovative projects like immersive experiences and social campaigns.

  • Ilenia Coppola

    Ilenia Coppola

    Front-end & Interactive Developer at AQuest since 2011 with 7+ yrs exp & numerous awards. Love design, creative & innovative technology.

  • Robin Delaporte

    Robin Delaporte

    Robin is a French Creative Developer over at Resn and is a CSS and smooth transitions lover. Robin is also a WebGL enthusiast.

  • Daniel Spatzek

    Daniel Spatzek

    Daniel is an award-winning Freelance Designer & Art Director with 8+ years professional experience in UI/UX design.

  • Telmo Alves

    Telmo Alves

    Senior Creative at Mediamonks London. First-class creativity and art direction for some of the biggest brands across the world.

  • Hugo Albonete

    Hugo Albonete

    A Brazilian Designer at Work and Company, Hugo has designed for Volkswagen, Youtube, Eurosport, Showtime, among others. Living in NY.

  • Adam Roberts

    Adam Roberts

    Adam is a freelance Creative Director / Developer with 17+ yrs exp. Currently freelances under his studio and also works at Dotfive.

  • Axel Eerbeek

    Axel Eerbeek

    Axel is a Digital Designer at Bonne Marque and loves solving problems. He is focussed on digital and everything with a screen.

  • Jan Van Lysebettens

    Jan Van Lysebettens

    Jan is a snr des/dev at Little Miss Robot, an award-winning creative agency from Belgium, and a freelancer with 11+ yrs of experience.

  • Jesper Landberg

    Jesper Landberg

    Jesper is a creative front-end developer at Bonne Marque. His determination & talent promises an exciting future in the creative industry.

  • Valentine Boyev

    Valentine Boyev

    Valentine is a Co-Founder and Art Director at Heyllow, a provider of design resources and ideas for different startups.

  • Oli Harris

    Oli Harris

    Oli is an award-winning Designer based in Manchester, UK. Also founder of OH&CO, a creative collective fuelled by collaboration.

  • Bob Schuster

    Bob Schuster

    Bob is a Partner & Creative Director at Brevity. He has created brands & experiences for clients from startups to Fortune 100 corporations.

  • Oli Yeates

    Oli Yeates

    Oli is founder, CEO & Creative Director of award-winning digital agency Clicky Media with 10 years+ in web design & digital marketing.

  • Warren Everard

    Warren Everard

    Warren, a Snr Experience Designer, uses years of graphic design & branding experience to create digital with a human centred approach.

  • Arshak Khachatrian

    Arshak Khachatrian

    Arshak is Co-founder & Lead Dev at POP360. He's worked with Google, Coca Cola, Nike and Authored "Getting Started with Polymer".

  • Wu Zhonghao

    Wu Zhonghao

    Wu Zhonghao, professor, multi-awarded designer, international judge in USA, Italy, Mexico, Ukraine, South Korea, Jamaica, and China.

  • Riyadh Gordon

    Riyadh Gordon

    Riyadh is Head of Design for NATIVE VML with 10+ years pro exp. A passionate professional who thrives on brilliant ideas and executions.

  • Annelies Clauwaert

    Annelies Clauwaert

    Annelies is a Stockholm based designer that specializes in crafting unique digital creations with strong UI. Pixels and code keep her going.

  • Daniel Portuga

    Daniel Portuga

    Award-winning Assoc. CD, Daniel brings ideas to life at SapientNitro. 18+ yrs exp, 60+ awards, 100+ clients in UK, Singapore & Brazil.

  • Jesse Zoutewelle

    Jesse Zoutewelle

    Lead designer at Greenberry, Jesse blends illustration with smooth & sophisticated animation to create high end, engaging designs.

  • Olga Shevchenko

    Olga Shevchenko

    A frequent speaker at conferences, Olga is AD & Head of Production at Vintage Web with nearly 250 projects and 60+ awards received.

  • Jeff Gapinski

    Jeff Gapinski

    Co-founder & chief creative officer at Huemor, an award winning New York interactive agency that creates memorable digital experiences.

  • Valentin Salmon

    Valentin Salmon

    Valentin is a freelance UX/UI / Interaction Motion Designer that has worked on projects from France, Europe and around the world.

  • Andrea Puccini

    Andrea Puccini

    Andrea is an Italian Art Director, Visual Designer & Front-end Dev with 10+ years of experience, primarily focused on digital design.

  • Sasha Turyshchev

    Sasha Turyshchev

    Sasha is the CEO & Creative Director at Zajno. He is a strong advocate of design thinking willing to educate his partners and clients alike.

  • Loris Stavrinides

    Loris Stavrinides

    Loris is a Creative Director & Co-Founder at BLEND with 12+ exp & multidisciplinary creative skills and worked for some of the biggest brands.

  • Francesco Bernabei

    Francesco Bernabei

    Francesco is Digital Director at ThinkCattleya and is in charge of all digital projects. Also Co-Founder of MONOGRID.

  • Adam Romano

    Adam Romano

    Adam is an award winning freelance Digital Art Director & Designer with 15+ years experience and 40+ major industry accolades.

  • Pablo Zarate

    Pablo Zarate

    Pablo is an award winner designer with 15+ years exp in designing digital products. Also Co-Organizer of CreativeMornings Buenos Aires.

  • Mark Goldstein

    Mark Goldstein

    Mark is Founder / CD at Zero Studios. Specializes in design, branding & activation for 10+ yrs. Clients inc DKNY, Conde Nast & Google.

  • Pedro Duarte

    Pedro Duarte

    Pedro is a London based front end dev focussed on design & UX. Previous work: Google, Facebook, The Times, R/GA, Stinkditigal & more.

  • Mikha Makhoul

    Mikha Makhoul

    Interactive director, designer & technologist creating engaging experiences for Web, Mobile, VR & AR for the last 7 years. Based in Germany.

  • Robert Lowe

    Robert Lowe

    Award winning Digital Director at Mr B & Friends. 10+ yrs exp working with huge brands including Google, Budweiser, Microsoft & Samsung.

  • Filipe Moreira

    Filipe Moreira

    Filipe is an awarded UI & UX Designer at JWT Lisbon & MIFH Freelancer with 9+ yrs exp in building interfaces & products for humans.

  • Klaus-Martin Michaelis

    Klaus-Martin Michaelis

    Klaus is an award winning Art Director at Ogilvy Germany with more than 8 yrs of digital exp for CocaCola, VW, IBM, NESCAFÉ and more.

  • Ricky Rauch

    Ricky Rauch

    Ricky is Product Designer working at Scale API, co-organizer at CSS Conf Argentina, previously Head of Design at Auth0.

  • Henrique Alves

    Henrique Alves

    Henrique is a freelance developer with a focus on UX design. Previously Stinkdigital, Hailo, B-Reel. Tech mentor & builder of Céu.

  • Sergio Behrends

    Sergio Behrends

    Vice President of Engineering at Aerolab. Responsible for developing & coordinating projects using leading edge technologies.

  • Clément Cassajus

    Clément Cassajus

    Clément is a UX Designer at SID LEE Paris who loves crafting products and experiences that make life better for people.

  • Anton Sulsky

    Anton Sulsky

    Anton is CEO & Creative Director of Vide Infra with 20 yrs exp in design & digital, creating top-class websites & digital for global clients.

  • Igor Bogdanovski

    Igor Bogdanovski

    Product Designer at StartApps, a mobile app development company. 10 yrs exp in mobile & web UX/UI. Maker of cool products.

  • Rich Brown

    Rich Brown

    Rich is an award winning freelance experience designer, founder of WHOLE with 15 years industry experience.

  • Alessio Fasciolo

    Alessio Fasciolo

    Alessio is a designer and director with 10+ years experience across web and digital product design. Problem solver and design thinker.

  • Niklas Karlsson

    Niklas Karlsson

    Niklas is Co-Founder & Creative Director of State Interactive, an award-winning creative agency & production studio, fuelled by innovation.

  • Emmanuel Julliot

    Emmanuel Julliot

    Emmanuel is a French product designer that focusses on creating clean & minimal interfaces for Web and Mobile.

  • Carles Sala

    Carles Sala

    Carles is a Creative director and owner in Bulldog Studio, an awared studio in off and on-line projects, from Barcelona (Spain), since 2007.

  • Andrea Pedrina

    Andrea Pedrina

    Andrea is a multi-disciplinary designer mostly focused on interaction design with a 5+ years exp in creating immersive user experiences.

  • Filippo Solimena

    Filippo Solimena

    Art Director & Digital Designer at Grey Italy. His love is divided between pixels & paper. Founder & editor of adeevee/ibelieveinadv.

  • Pantufla Cuántica

    Pantufla Cuántica

    Pantufla is a freelance UI/UX designer experienced in Motion Graphics & Product Design since 2010. Building products since 2013.

  • Luisa Tatoli

    Luisa Tatoli

    Luisa is Co-founder and Director at Roll Studio, with 16+ years of experience working on award-winning digital projects.

  • Thierry Chopain

    Thierry Chopain

    Thierry is Senior Art Director in digital for 10+ years, offering a tailor-made customized solution with multi-channel creative concepts.

  • Neri Barnini

    Neri Barnini

    Neri is Creative Developer & Co-founder at MONOGRID. He's focused in innovative and experimental technologies.

  • Ana Travas

    Ana Travas

    Ana is an independent UI/UX designer & front-end developer, photography enthusiast, one half of a creative duo known as C2.

  • Shesh


    Shesh is Co-founder & CCO at Foo Studio, a digital creative agency based in México City, he has 14+ yrs experience.

  • Alvin Groen

    Alvin Groen

    Alvin is an Art Director & Designer at Your Majesty NY with 10+ yrs experience & has received numerous awards.

  • Valentin Fertillet

    Valentin Fertillet

    Valentin is a creative technologist at Twinkle Twinkle. Passionate about advertising, he thinks & builds creative campaigns in a global way.

  • Matteo Bonini

    Matteo Bonini

    Matteo is Co-founder & Digital Director at Monocromo Agency. He believes in the holy trinity web - creativity - type!

  • David Bastian

    David Bastian

    David is a Designer & Developer from Chile now working at Resn NZ. He loves good art & designing / developing simple, clean Interfaces.

  • Christian MacMillan

    Christian MacMillan

    Christian is a Creative Developer with passion for details. Focused on animation, he's working in Vasava for leading brands worldwide.

  • Onur Can Coban

    Onur Can Coban

    Onur is Design Director at Hello Design with 10 yrs exp. He is currently focusing on building brands and digital products.

  • Michal Jedrzejczyk

    Michal Jedrzejczyk

    Michal is the Founder and digital director at soppo, a creative development studio. He created his first website in previous century.

  • William Barraclough

    William Barraclough

    Award winning Design Director at MerchantCantos. 18 years exp working with clients such as BBC, Nike & Betfair. Passionate about digital since '99.

  • Giulian Drimba

    Giulian Drimba

    Giulian is an Interactive Developer from Brazil with 10 years of experience building immersive digital experiences.

  • Bruno Cirilo

    Bruno Cirilo

    Bruno is the Creative Director of Lavva, a Portuguese digital agency, with 10+ yrs exp & a passion for creating awesome web experiences.

  • Ruslan Siiz

    Ruslan Siiz

    Ruslan is an Art Director & Designer at Big Drop Inc. He makes cool things for startups, agencies & brands around the globe.

  • Fred Tourrou

    Fred Tourrou

    Fred, aka Beasty, is a Freelance UI/UX Designer, Vero product designer and a Co-founder at Demooz.

  • Nikolay Likomanov

    Nikolay Likomanov

    Nikolay is an award winning Front-end Developer at eDesign focused on creative coding, experimental technologies & web performance.

  • Kadir Inan

    Kadir Inan

    Kadir is a self-taught interdisciplinary designer who enjoys the combination of design & code - digital & analog.

  • Agustín Linenberg

    Agustín Linenberg

    Agustín is the CEO & Founder of Aerolab with 10+ yrs of experience in the digital field and a high score of 423.870 on Tetris.

  • Liam Dawson

    Liam Dawson

    As MD of Grapple, Liam provides digital strategy and insight having amassed almost 20 years experience across digital.

  • Alan Nicolás Ferreyra

    Alan Nicolás Ferreyra

    Nic is CEO & Co-founder of Bitopia. He is a UX lover and passionate Frontend & Interactive Developer.

  • Miguel Trias

    Miguel Trias

    Miguel is the Senior Digital Creative at Camper. He is a multi-disciplinary designer & producer specializing in fashion and retail.

  • Nicolás J. Engler

    Nicolás J. Engler

    Nicolás is a UI developer at Nuvem Shop, a company focused on delivering the best ecommerce solution for Latin America.

  • Simon Shahriveri

    Simon Shahriveri

    Simon is Head of Front-end Development at award winning agency Propeller and has a passion for clean code & beautiful design.

  • Thomas Vimare

    Thomas Vimare

    Thomas is Art Director & Design Teacher with 5+ yrs exp. He's currently Lead Designer at, a mobile application to share music.

  • Marc Christian Seefelder

    Marc Christian Seefelder

    Marc is CCO & Founder of MING Labs with 10+ yrs exp in digital & is overlooking design teams in Shanghai, Singapore, Berlin & New York.

  • Heiko Winter

    Heiko Winter

    Heiko has 10+ yrs exp creating innovative, entertaining & meaningful experiences for a wide range of international agencies & brands.

  • Manuel Velin

    Manuel Velin

    Manuel is Snr Digital Art Director at Nurun Paris with 10+ yrs exp. He builds digital experiences focused on UX + interfaces for all shapes.

  • João Prior

    João Prior

    João Prior is the Founder & Digital Director at Hi INTERACTIVE with 10+ yrs of exp and a focus on creative and innovative solutions.

  • Bastien Allard

    Bastien Allard

    Bastien is Art Director at Danka Studio that started out as a Front-end Developer & has been creating visuals for 10+ yrs.

  • Arnaud Rocca

    Arnaud Rocca

    Arnaud is a French Creative Developer over at Sweet Punk. He is a WebGL and smooth animations enthusiast.

  • Adrien Thomas

    Adrien Thomas

    Adrien is a French designer currently doing some magic at the fabulous Ueno. Former design intern at Fantasy.

  • Michael Tempest

    Michael Tempest

    Michael is a Freelance Lead Engineer / Digital Creative based in London, UK creating user focussed web applications for brands.

  • Luis Vaz

    Luis Vaz

    Luis is the founder & designer at Canvaz Design Studio (also an amateur surfer) with 13+ yrs of UI/UX exp helping users around the globe.

  • Rasmus Keller Jansen

    Rasmus Keller Jansen

    Rasmus is a Designer & Creative Director at Konform and has 15+ years creating unique digital design solutions.

  • Simon Busborg

    Simon Busborg

    Simon is a creative frontend developer & organizer for onedayout conference and Co-founder/Creative Director at Heavyy.

  • Guilherme Pocai

    Guilherme Pocai

    Pocai is a Brazilian Digital Designer. He is currently working at McCann Melbourne, creating award-winning experiences for the web.

  • Adam Varga

    Adam Varga

    Adam is a Designer & Art Director based in London. Currently at IBM iX, previously at Ogilvy and Publicis companies. 8 yrs experience.

  • Joost Huver

    Joost Huver

    Joost is a digital designer working and living in Amsterdam. Currently designing at ACHTUNG! and Studio Kraftwerk.

  • Tiago Macahado

    Tiago Macahado

    Designer, maker & lecturer. Tiago is Head of Design at Técnico Lisboa, Lecturer at the University of Lisbon & Founder at Playout.

  • Georges Benjamin

    Georges Benjamin

    Georges is a young award winning Front-end Developer & Freelance Designer that works with talented and inspiring people in the industry.

  • Giovanna Oliva

    Giovanna Oliva

    Giovanna, Art-Director & Visual Designer at Mediasoul, has a background in architectural studies & loves design & contemporary art.

  • Edan Kwan

    Edan Kwan

    Edan is an award winning Creative Technologist and the Co-founder of Kuva with 10+ yrs experience. He loves particles.

  • Anthony Wymond

    Anthony Wymond

    Anthony is Founder & Creative Director of Ignite Online with 15+ yrs experience in building award-winning custom designed websites.

  • Roberto Nicolai

    Roberto Nicolai

    Roberto is Founder of Branditylab. A top Italian Digital Influencer since 2006 with 15+ yrs exp as a Digital Brand Experience Strategist.

  • Stefan Becker

    Stefan Becker

    Stefan is Founder & Creative Director of Buzzin Monkey, an award-winning design studio and production house in Munich & London.

  • Anthony Boutet

    Anthony Boutet

    Anthony is Tech Lead & Creative Developer at Inconito with 10+ yrs exp working for digital award winning agencies in France & UK.

  • Alex Gilev

    Alex Gilev

    Alex is a UX design consultant. He provides strategic & creative leadership to brands like PayPal, Johnson&Johnson, Compeed & Fantasy.

  • Xavier Fortier

    Xavier Fortier

    Xavier is a French Art Director & a Co-founder of Akaru. With 14+ yrs exp, he is focused on user experience, art direction & team work.

  • Kazuki Noda

    Kazuki Noda

    Kazuki is CEO & Art Directer of graphic, web & motion design at UNIEL ltd., He specializes in strategies necessary for big brands.

  • Daniele Buffa

    Daniele Buffa

    Daniele works at Google Creative Lab in London and is in love with Web & Motion Design, always looking for creative & innovative solutions.

  • Jacob Grubbe

    Jacob Grubbe

    Jacob is a Danish Creative Director for MING Labs with 15+ yrs exp in branding, interactive experience design & high-end craftsmanship.

  • Lambros Photios

    Lambros Photios

    Lambros is a Snr Software Engineer & Founder of Station Five. He loves development but has a keen eye for design.

  • Tiago Varandas

    Tiago Varandas

    Tiago is Founder & Digital Product Designer at Little Nice Things with 10+ yrs exp. He previously collaborated with Fjord, Google, B-Reel & W+K.

  • Davide Baratta

    Davide Baratta

    Davide is a London based designer with 5+ years of experience. Currently working as Senior Digital Designer at Impero.

  • Noboru Oikawa

    Noboru Oikawa

    Noboru is Art Director at SHIFTBRAIN with 10+ yrs exp in digital & graphic design. He loves storytelling in design.

  • Fabio Amendola

    Fabio Amendola

    Fabio is a Digital Art Director at Gigasweb with 6+ yrs exp. He loves design and everything related to it.

  • Thibaud Allie

    Thibaud Allie

    Thibaud is a multidisciplinary designer specialized in visual identity, UI and UX Design, currently working freelance in France.

  • Tam Love

    Tam Love

    Tam founded Lettering Tutorial in 2015 thanks to a keen eye for type design and works freelance on web development projects.

  • Stefano De Rosa

    Stefano De Rosa

    Stefano is a Designer at OctopusLabs. Passionate about digital & interaction design, web dev & football. Currently in London.

  • Karol Jaworski

    Karol Jaworski

    Karol is a freelance Art Director with 8+ yrs experience working across three continents. Currently living an outdoor life in the mountains.

  • Michal Ozorowski

    Michal Ozorowski

    Michal is Creative Director at Monterosa with 15+ yrs of design experience. He has worked for the BBC, UEFA, Adidas & Carlsberg.

  • Victor Odo

    Victor Odo

    Victor is Creative Technologist & Tech Coordinator at FCB Brasil, focused on disruptive technologies and multi-sensory experiences.

  • Makoto Hirao

    Makoto Hirao

    Makoto is a freelance Designer. He loves motion graphics & motion typography and currently based in Japan.

  • Pier-Luc Cossette

    Pier-Luc Cossette

    Pier-Luc is an award-winning UI/UX Designer & Front-end with 6+ yrs exp and a focus on innovative and smooth animations.

  • Giuseppe Ciullo

    Giuseppe Ciullo

    Giuseppe is a Freelance Web Developer at Progetty Design Studio. He loves animations, Audio-Visualization & innovative technologies.

  • Lukasz Kulakowski

    Lukasz Kulakowski

    Lukasz is Principal Designer at WebSummit. He is addicted to UI, Spotify & bikes, responsible for evangelising good design practices.

  • Clément Pinget

    Clément Pinget

    Clément is a French Digital Art Director currently at Viens-là, focused on UX design, details & easy to use websites.

  • Yanwen Hu

    Yanwen Hu

    Yanwen is a Senior UX/UI Designer at Moda Operandi. She is an award-winning designer focusing on UX, IA and UI.

  • Denis Lomov

    Denis Lomov

    Denis is the Creative Director at Red Collar. He has 8+ yrs experience & likes to create digital beauty & win international awards.

  • Ruthie He

    Ruthie He

    Ruthie is a Product Designer at Facebook. Making digital products since 2009. Born in Beijing, now lives in San Francisco.

  • Yesica Danderfer

    Yesica Danderfer

    Yesica is a UX/UI Designer at Toptal & Indicius. She has created outstanding visual/digital experiences for the past 7 years.

  • Mafalda Sequeira

    Mafalda Sequeira

    Mafalda is a Digital Product Designer and also a lecturer at the University of Lisbon where she co-founded the Digital Experience Design course.

  • Giuseppe Barbera

    Giuseppe Barbera

    Giuseppe is Front End Dev, UX/UI Designer & founder at He loves Interaction design, smooth animations & good wine.

  • Valeria Farina

    Valeria Farina

    Valeria is a Designer with 6+ years exp based in Milan. Currently at Med-Use creating unique digital experiences.

  • Edoardo Benedetto

    Edoardo Benedetto

    Edoardo is an UX/UI/Interaction Designer with 10+ yrs of exp. He's also the Co-founder of Oval Money & Starteed. Currently in Turin.

  • Sal Sidani

    Sal Sidani

    Sal is the Lead Designer at Form & Affect and has 10+ years of experience crafting meaningful campaigns and interactive digital products.

  • Serdar Şeşeoğulları

    Serdar Şeşeoğulları

    Serdar is an award winning Product Designer based in Istanbul. He has been solving problems for 6+ years.

  • Michael Janiak

    Michael Janiak

    Michael has 15+ yrs exp & serves as VP of Creative at Fluid - an award winning digital design agency. His side hustle is Faction18.

  • Fabio Carretti

    Fabio Carretti

    Fabio is a Creative Developer based in Italy with 6+ yrs of exp. He's currently focusing on writing code and building cool stuff.

  • Simon Parmeggiani

    Simon Parmeggiani

    Simon joined Facebook as their first and only art director/communications designer in London and is an award winning Creative Designer with 12+ yrs exp.

  • Giuseppe Donvito

    Giuseppe Donvito

    Giuseppe is leading the creative team at Deloitte Digital with 9+ yrs exp. He is a passionate brewer and prototype lover.

  • Raphael Ferraz

    Raphael Ferraz

    Raphael is a multi-award winning Snr Interactive Art Director with 12+ yrs exp working with big brands in Brazil, NZ & Germany.

  • Troy Graham

    Troy Graham

    Troy is an ECD at digital production studio Thinkingbox. Troy leads a team of creatives in web, VR, and experiential activations.

  • Pedro Ivo Hudson

    Pedro Ivo Hudson

    A snr Designer at Huge, Pedro Ivo has 10+ yrs experience designing unique, useful & beautiful interactive experiences for clients.

  • Lucas Ballasy

    Lucas Ballasy

    Lucas is an Associate Creative Director at Barrel, a digital agency that partners with brands to attract, convert & retain customers.

  • Alberto Longo

    Alberto Longo

    With 16+ yrs exp, Alberto is one of the most experienced professionals in Italy for UX/UI and Connected Digital Experiences.

  • Michael Ponrajah

    Michael Ponrajah

    Michael is a French Product Designer at Content Square. Passionate with design & interaction, he loves making new projects & friends!

  • Luboš Volkov

    Luboš Volkov

    Luboš is the lead designer at Toptal and has over 8 years of experience. He is a specialist in App Design & Innovative Solutions.

  • Sergej Škrjanec

    Sergej Škrjanec

    Sergej is a creative Front-end Developer & UI/UX Designer with 15+ yrs exp Also a traveler and the other half of a creative duo known as C2.

  • Jéremie Bottiau

    Jéremie Bottiau

    Jéremie is Executive Creative Director at Darewin Paris and has over 10 years experience in the marketing & advertising industry.

  • Thijs Mensink

    Thijs Mensink

    Thijs is a Creative Strategist / UI/UX Designer with 7 yrs exp, currently at Sticky Bandits. Multi awarded, he loves digital design & everything related.

  • Timothée Roussilhe

    Timothée Roussilhe

    Timothée is a Creative Developer working at Stink Studios NY. Passionate about his work, he values craft, quality and attention to detail.

  • Dermot O'Shea

    Dermot O'Shea

    Dermot is Co-founder & Digital Architect at WONDR. He specialises in UX & Content Marketing.

  • Wouter Meeuwisse

    Wouter Meeuwisse

    Wouter is CEO/Founder of Media599 & Stampwallet. Innovation, creation and a mindset focused on the world is what drives him. 10+ yrs exp.

  • Giuseppe Ballone

    Giuseppe Ballone

    Giuseppe is a Snr Digital Art Director at Bitmama and a street photographer. He has worked for many international brands. 6+ yrs exp.

  • Timar Holtkamp

    Timar Holtkamp

    Timar is the Head of Design at Nerds & Company with 8+ years of experience in digital design and art direction.

  • Ian Micallef

    Ian Micallef

    Currently a Freelancer with 7+ yrs exp, Ian has designed digital campaigns at HBO, Sony Music & Discovery Channel.

  • Nikki Sherry

    Nikki Sherry

    Nikki is Senior Product Designer at Birchbox. She has practiced & taught design for 10+ yrs in Belfast, London & New York.

  • Bart Ebbekink

    Bart Ebbekink

    Bart is an award winning independent Digital Designer. Specialist in UI Design & UX Design with 10+ yrs experience.

  • Andrea Gottardi

    Andrea Gottardi

    Andrea is a Front-end Developer at Adoratorio Creative Collective. His favorites? Weird stuff with code, smooth animations & typography.

  • Alessandro Bigi

    Alessandro Bigi

    Alessandro is a multidisciplinary designer with 6+ yrs exp in digital art direction, brand identity & minimalist interfaces.

  • Mark Maloney

    Mark Maloney

    For 20 yrs, Mark's digital design practice has included F100s & global NPOs to promising start-ups & early stage companies.

  • Dave Benton

    Dave Benton

    Dave is the founder of metajive & serves as the Creative Director. In addition to client work, Dave is a regular speaker at top design conferences.

  • Facundo Santana

    Facundo Santana

    Facundo is a Design Director & Consultant with 10+ years of experience helping dream, define and deploy world-class Web and Mobile applications.

  • Francesco Carli

    Francesco Carli

    Francesco is a Digital Creative & Art Director with 18+ yrs of exp. UX/UI lover; he worked for Coca Cola, Microsoft, Disney & many more.

  • Miguel Ferreira

    Miguel Ferreira

    Miguel is Senior Designer in Ogury, a mobile data platform, and has 9+ yrs exp with major media agencies & world premium brands.

  • Cedrick Lachot

    Cedrick Lachot

    Cedrick is a French Interactive & Motion Designer based in Paris. He is focused on details & crafting digital experiences.

  • Karsten Kofod

    Karsten Kofod

    Karsten is Co-founder & Lead Designer at Vokseværk with 10+ yrs exp. He has a love & passion for digital design, drooling details & identity.

  • Mat Jankowski

    Mat Jankowski

    Mat is a motion and pixel perfect maniac at Jam3 with more than 7 years experience in digital and design.

  • Ciro Visciano

    Ciro Visciano

    Ciro is a Snr Art Director & Design Team Leader at Doing with 10+ yrs of exp. Ciro also teaches Interface & Interaction Design at AANT.

  • Will Orrock

    Will Orrock

    Will is the Managing Partner of Clubhouse with 7+ yrs of exp, a creative agency designed to converge strategy, creativity & technology.

  • Fabio Murru

    Fabio Murru

    Fabio is an italian Digital Designer with 6+ yrs exp focused on design, motion and interactive experiences. Currently working at Doing.

  • Felix Oppenheimer

    Felix Oppenheimer

    Felix is CEO, CFO, COO with 6+ yrs exp and the sole employee of The Skewed Corporation, working all over the globe with web, motion & code.

  • Matteo Mapelli

    Matteo Mapelli

    Matteo is a Digital Art Director, UI&UX Designer and Advisor for digital transformation at Accenture. He loves design tools and systems.

  • Duminda Perera

    Duminda Perera

    Duminda is a Creative Director for Accenture Digital with 19+ yrs of exp & has received recognitions while inspiring people in the industry.

  • Harisson Santos

    Harisson Santos

    Harisson is a Lead Designer at Elephant NY with 12+ experience working for some of the biggest global brands.

  • Nick Parsons

    Nick Parsons

    Nick is an Art Director with 13+ yrs exp at Digital Agencies in London. Currently in California working for Apple.

  • Gaël van Heijst

    Gaël van Heijst

    A UX-Designer at Greenberry. Gaël focuses on mapping user flows and translating them to high-fidelity prototypes.

  • Antonio De Pasquale

    Antonio De Pasquale

    Antonio is a designer and creative director with 9+ years experience across web and digital product design.

  • Tomas Baruffaldi

    Tomas Baruffaldi

    Tomas is a stubborn dreamer. He's Art Director & Interactive Designer at AQuest with 9+ yrs exp, where beauty matters as much as love.

  • Nick Mulley

    Nick Mulley

    Nick is Co-founder/Design Director of Clubhouse, a creative studio in London working with adidas, Stella McCartney and Ben & Jerry's.

  • Anton Vodogreev

    Anton Vodogreev

    Anton is an wward winning Art Director at Possible Moscow with 8+ yrs exp, always trying to deliver solutions by bringing beauty and logic.

  • Chris Percival

    Chris Percival

    Chris is an award-winning Entrepreneur and the Founder & CEO of digital agency eJIGSAW® with 7+ yrs of experience.

  • Roberto Falcone

    Roberto Falcone

    Roberto is a UX designer with 9 yrs exp and a hybrid background across disciplines. Creator of UXers & jack of all trades.

  • Nicola Lops

    Nicola Lops

    Nico has an extensive artistic background. He’s a self-taught designer based in Milan with 7+ yrs exp across digital design.

  • Michael Nunes

    Michael Nunes

    Michael is Creative Director at Monday with almost a decade of experience working in digital design & has won numerous awards.

  • Maria Jose Corino

    Maria Jose Corino

    Maria is a product designer with 7 yrs exp in UX/UI and Branding. Maria provides engaging & successful experiences.

  • Anthony Hurlstone

    Anthony Hurlstone

    Ant is a Designer & Art Director in London with 10+ yrs exp in digital studios & ad agencies. Previously at Fjord & R/GA. Now Freelance.

  • Joe Bonham

    Joe Bonham

    Joe is an award winning freelance Front-end Developer with a passion for the cutting edge. Developing for fun since 2006.

  • Fabrizio Salmaso

    Fabrizio Salmaso

    Fabrizio is a multidisciplinary designer with 10+ yrs in branding and digital. Always working on innovative visual languages and experiences.

  • Zack Bujazia

    Zack Bujazia

    Zack has 12+ yrs exp and is CCO of award-winning digital agency Incredible Marketing, a leader in medical marketing in USA & Australia.

  • Aaron Lobb

    Aaron Lobb

    Aaron is a multi-award winning Creative Director most recently at R/GA. 10+ yrs experience across Google, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Unilever.

  • Ivan Sampedro

    Ivan Sampedro

    Ivan is Digital Wizard & Founder at Sampedro | GoPricely and has 7+ yrs exp. He has a passion for creating digital design.