The Official 2014 Judging Panel

The 2014 international judging panel includes some of the world's most successful and talented creative people from designers to developers to creative directors, all with the goal of awarding the year's best!

  • Todd Paulson

    Todd Paulson

    Todd is chief creative officer/partner at KNOCK, inc. and has over 20 years of experience working with numerous award winning campaigns.

  • Françoise Doche

    Françoise Doche

    Creative director of Dagobert since 2008, Françoise manages a team of 10 creatives in a digital cell focused on corporate, banking & luxury.

  • David Lai

    David Lai

    David is the CEO/creative director at Hello Design. He provides strategic and creative leadership and has won numerous awards over 15 years.

  • Rodrigo Marques de Novais

    Rodrigo Marques de Novais

    Rodrigo is a digital designer with 12+ years experience in online and offline visual design. He works at Mkt Virtual, a digital agency full of creatives.

  • Peter Kang

    Peter Kang

    Peter is co-founder and principal at Barrel. For the past 8+ years, he's led creative direction and UX, helping clients navigate and succeed in digital.

  • Richard Boiteux 

    Richard Boiteux 

    Richard co-founded the multi-award winning agency Akaru in 2007 and has 15+ years experience in web, mobile and digital communications.

  • Snorre Martinsen

    Snorre Martinsen

    Snorre is an art director at T/A POL. Previously senior creative at Saatchi & Saatchi, creative director at MK and creative at Naked C/E Europe.

  • Du Haihang

    Du Haihang

    Du is a creative partner at Activation Nodeplus with 8+ years of experience in design and development working with numerous leading agencies.

  • Florian Wögerer

    Florian Wögerer

    Head of development and innovation at demodern, Florian Wögerer is a tech evangelist from Austria with 10+ years of experience on digital projects.

  • Keitaro Suzuki

    Keitaro Suzuki

    A creative division manager in SHIFTBRAIN, Inc. Keitaro played key roles in TOYOTA Dream Car of the Day, Panasonic LAMDASH DNA, and more.

  • Michi Del Rosso

    Michi Del Rosso

    A visual artist & UI/UX designer, Michi co-founded Awd Agency and serves as creative director. He loves design, fashion and the beauty of ideas.

  • Alexander Ermolov

    Alexander Ermolov

    Alexander is the founder & CEO at Hot Dot Production, a web development agency at the intersection of new technologies and design.

  • Manoela Ilic

    Manoela Ilic

    Manoela aka Mary Lou is a co-founder at Codrops and a freelance designer & developer with a passion for interaction design and UI design.

  • Hege Aaby

    Hege Aaby

    Hege is founder and creative director at Sennep, a multi-award winning creative powerhouse that works with global brands and organisations.

  • Jesper Broberg Bang

    Jesper Broberg Bang

    Managing director of Gejst/Studio, Jesper started his first web design company at 17 and has 12+ years in advertising and 7+ as digital director.

  • Joe Au Ieong

    Joe Au Ieong

    Joe is art director at Why Interactive with 10+ years experience in new media design. Formerly a senior art director at TBWA Hong Kong.

  • Tom Kirchhartz

    Tom Kirchhartz

    Tom is co-founder, CEO and a web developer at Dunckelfeld, a digital creative agency where every day starts with brilliant ideas.

  • Mayra Metaxa

    Mayra Metaxa

    Founder and front end web developer at lab21, Mayra first began freelancing in web design and development for leading agencies in 2007.

  • Jimmy Raheriarisoa

    Jimmy Raheriarisoa

    Jimmy aka Nerisson is a multi-award winning freelance UI/UX designer & illustrator with 6+ years experience as art director for agencies.

  • Adam Hartwig

    Adam Hartwig

    A freelance digital consultant, Adam is an award winning designer and developer with a passion for bringing design to life with code.