Malte Demuth

Malte Demuth

My name is Malte Demuth and I have worked for more than a decade in the online media industry. I have been freelancing for seven years and specialize in screen and interface design, conception, as well as digital consultancy. I work for agencies and my own clients, from designing crisp product-onepagers up to complex Apps with advanced functionalities. I am interested in the user experience and the whole response-behaviour of a 'machine'. Not only designing the 'dress', always looking for emotional solutions to how things might interact, work and feel.

After my diploma, I was quickly annoyed by hierarchic enterprise structures and ego-driven career-people who were more concerned about their political understanding within the company than the project success. Welcome to reality. The industry's lack of passion, courage and humor combined with my curiosity made the decision easy for me to start freelancing. That's how I rediscovered my passion for design after struggling in a surrounding that didn't fit my mindset and creativity.

Living and working as freelancer was always my plan A. I wanted to freelance: to be much more self-determined and independent in thinking, living, designing and bringing another level of quality and enrichment into my work.

From my perspective, we designers have to be curious, have vision and should understand ourselves as visual pioneers on our way from homo sapiens to homo digitalis with a need for creative space to play trial and error. Our visual naivety is one of our strengths to proceed.

I understand freelancing as a possibility and behaviour towards my own approach of life and work against bondage. I realise my life is a very privileged one, in which I have the opportunity to choose how I work. Everyday I'm thankful for getting paid for my passion. I am not saying everything is easy if you freelance, indeed it's the opposite, but it is worth it. My personal experiences - positive and negative - let me focus on what is important for me and my work.

If you want to work as a freelancer then self-organisation, visual handcraft and a trained eye are basic principles. Be brave, be curious and try to read between the lines what is really needed. Share your knowledge, respect and treat others like you want to be treated. Because in the end, we are working with and for people.

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