Philippe Hong

Philippe Hong

I became a freelancer because I wanted more freedom to carry out projects with friends. I worked a few years for various agencies but I already had some freelancing projects on the sidelines. So it was pretty easy for me to jump in and become a full-time freelancer.

My specialty is interface design. I'm also a front-end coder. I like coding and knowing what lies behind things. I work with people from all over the world, the majority of which are startups. The most exciting thing in all of these projects is the fact that they just started. You have to think from the beginning and see how they evolve. Then you have to let your child go. I also receive calls from agencies so it's maybe 60% outside the design industry and 40% inside as to where my work comes from.

I work a lot with developers. I think it's essential if you want to grow faster and work better. And now with all the applications like InVision, or Zeplin, it's so much easier. So sometimes I call some of my developer friends, if the client needs it. It's nice to work together.

I moved to Sketch a year and a half ago and now I just can't work without it. I tried Photoshop to do some interface work with the new Artboard and headed right back to Sketch. It's so much more fluid and practical. Basically, my design process, Sketch > Invision > FramerJS > Zeplin. Simple.

I'm used to planning everything with Trello and my calendar. So I plan what I have to do in the morning on my own Trello board, it's the only thing I found that meets my requirements. And in my free time, I just upload my work to my social network. It's important to me that every social network is frequently updated. Most of my clients find me through my social network :)

And a bit of advice to finish, if you're a new freelancer, never accept to work without contract.

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