Piotr Swierkowski

Piotr Swierkowski

My name is Piotr Swierkowski, I'm from Poland and my adventure with web design started accidentally 10 years ago when I decided to create my very first web design for my dad's company. Today I think about that seemingly insignificant moment with tenderness, because it has virtually influenced my entire life

As time passed by, designing became my main gateway from life's everyday problems. It gave me the opportunity to create something completely new from scratch and, through that process, to develop my signature style. I would be lying if I said that the whole process wasn't long. It was. But my own feeling of fulfilment and my client's satisfaction showed me that it was worth the effort. Of course, during my journey I gained some experience in working in agencies but, in the end, I decided to become a freelancer and to create my own designing collective - torpedov.com.

I specialize mainly in web and interface design. The illustrations used in my designs are mainly created by my trusted co-workers that support me in lots of my projects. My everyday life consists of working with other freelancers as well. Such cooperation makes it easier to match the appropriate style to clients' needs and expectations.

When it comes to my schedule, I try to work 22-26 days a month to save a bit of time for relaxation and regeneration. I live by some strict rules that protect me from falling into chaos. I sit at my desk at 8 o'clock and browse through all the emails. I do my best to reply to clients as quickly and precisely as possible, so that they feel that I am fully involved in their projects. Normally I try to plan my schedule one day ahead and that provides me with a good night's sleep without dreaming of my obligations.

I cannot hide the fact that I have some idols in web design. If I could pick a company/a person with whom I would like to work with, it would certainly be Tobias van Schneider or Active Theory, and if it comes to Polish web design, I'm really impressed with Bright Media’s projects.

The truth is that my main 'secret' is the ability to keep my feet firmly on the ground and do my job as best as I can.

From time to time I tend to put my own thoughts into action and create something that enables me to find a release for my ideas. I think that every freelancer should have such a gateway to distance them from client work and maintain a good level of creativity.

There is no magical advice on how to succeed in freelance. The fact is that everybody must find their own way to success and work their butts off in the meantime - that's the easiest way to make things work out.

Of course, you are invited to check out my designs.

I hope to see you soon with my new projects on CSS Design Awards!

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