Daniel Spatzek

Daniel Spatzek

My journey of becoming a Freelancer

Linz, Austria: Linz is where everything began for me. While attending a Poly-technical School of Design I discovered my talents of drawing and design became my passion. This eventually led me into my first position in the design industry as a Print Designer. As of today I'm still endeavouring to find new ways to improve my skills in this field.

The New Path: I felt the need to change directions from a constrained working field with full print, to something more exciting and new. So I jumped at the opportunity to work with Digital Design. I found my passion at last.

A Decision:Art & Design - One may believe it means "freedom of thoughts and ideas", where thoughts and ideas are to be transformed from mind to paper.

Contrary to belief, in my years of an Art Director, I experienced the workflow very restraining and it killed my creativity as an Artist. There was only one answer, for me to become a Freelancer.

Finally Alone: Being able to directly talk with my very own clients, made my passion for design thrive, in such fields as conception of new ideas, ads and marketing.

Working as a Freelancer has not only improved my work skills, but also my work/life balance. Because I handle my own work-time, I have more motivation toward my projects than I ever had before.

Looking back, there are many great aspects worth mentioning in regards to my former employment. First, I was able to become more acquainted with the people who would play an important role in the latter part of my life, a good example is my current partner in development. Second, the way I do my business, more significantly the way I work, played a vital role that provided me with numerous clientele without needing to canvass for customers. I estimate 70% of my customers are coming from outside of the design industry.

Crossing The Border: These two aspects are the reasons that my journey took me abroad to an international film production company located on the beautiful island of the Bahamas, and then shortly afterwards I was invited to London.

Africa! Africa!: My new portfolio hit like a bombshell and supplied me with inquiries from all over the world. One of my clients came from Cabo Verde, Africa, where I was able to start right away with the logo design. Those hours of puzzling and refining my ideas toward a perfect result transformed this project into one of my toughest but most creative challenges.

Back To Austr(al)ia: I'm always looking forward to work on an international level, still Austria is my home country and definitely the one with most of my regular clients. One of them recently made me a co-partner of his company. Things run well these days and there are upcoming missions from all over the world. Next stop: Australia, where I recently got the opportunity to get a foot in the door of the music industry.

The Lesson Of My Journey: All in all, I've figured out two essential things concerning freelancing:
- Always try to deliver outstanding quality.
- Treat your client's projects as if they were your own. This includes focusing on not only the project but on the entire company, being available and contributing constructive criticism. That and more will be appreciated by every client, for sure.

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