Colin Orij

Colin Orij

At this moment I'm spending my last days on Curacao, a Caribbean Island next to Venezuela. After 1.5 years of working and living in paradise it s time to move on and go back to the Netherlands. I started working on my own last August and it really works for me.

With Bold Interactive I focus on digital concept development and web development for Dutch agencies. The shift from sharing an office with colleagues to working on my own was fun in the beginning but after a few weeks you become crazy. I think a lot of other freelancers experience the same. Another side issue of working behind a desk is sitting and doing a lot repetitive movements. So that's why I needed something to clear my head, make the blood flow, avoid sitting for a while, meet new inspiring people and get a lot energy out of.

I found this all in Crossfit. It's an equivalent of what I want to do with Bold, give everything, be innovative and go for the best result. Crossfit provides this as a type of sport. It makes you work hard and challenge yourself to become a fitter person. The main principle is WOD which stands for Workout of the Day. These workouts incorporate elements from high-intensity interval training, weightlifting, gymnastics and other exercises. And that's the fun part. It's really diverse and forces me out of my comfort zone.

My box (where it all takes place) on Curacao is at Crossfit5triple9. Each class is with 14 other Crossfit athletes, so it's also a social activity and you challenge all the exercises together. After each class I'm feeling stronger, fitter, inspired, more creative and I 'm ready to go back to my primary passion, creating websites :-)


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