Michela Chiucini

Michela Chiucini

My first experience with web design was at university where I learned to code the first HTML pages. I was impressed by the experience you can have in a browser after I looked through some beautiful websites. Interaction was the key. From then on I decided to do this job on a full time basis. In my daily work I try to put together 3 ingredients: effectiveness, uniqueness and a touch of simpatia.

The hardest part is to pick one main hobby as I love so many things, but music has always been in my life. Being that my father is a true music expert and passionate, I started listening to music before I could even move a step or say a word. You could say it was the first language I learned. At the age of three I was already in theaters across the country attending shows with my parents. Needless to say, I can't go very far without listening to music. It lets me take a break from work and gives me better focus, it is always precious. My favorite genres are blues, rock, indie and new wave.

When it comes to work, music is the main source of inspiration because it allows me to get in the right mood without visual influences. I follow a flow and try to have a soundtrack behind every work. But I don't make just playlists. Most of the fun comes from attending live shows. Here is where you can get a real experience and a stronger inspiration.

Music is also good for its capability to easily fuse with other hobbies, in my case long walking. Music and walking are the perfect mix of mental and physical fitness when done together. They are part of my daily routine, my personal method of meditation.

For those curious, I created a poster series dedicated to my favourite band (taostudiodesign.com/litfiba/) and a decorated playlist of indie Italian music (decoratedplaylists.com/indierockpop/). But there is also a nice interactive side project I want to realize soon.

You can recognize the hobby that fits you by just trying things. My suggestion is to try many things, even the ones you think to hate. Have at least one try. You eventually will recognize the one right for you. If you feel happy while doing it, this is the signal you found the right one. At this point, it will be natural to find time for it.

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