Thierry Ambraisse

Thierry Ambraisse

My name is Thierry Ambraisse. For the past 2 years I have been an art director in Paris and have 6+ years of experience in the digital field. I've been working in several agencies such as Soleil Noir, Grouek, Big Youth, Immersive Garden.

I mainly design for luxury brands (Dior, Baccarat, Nespresso, Baccarat, etc.) but also other well known brands (Disney). I am truly passionate about my job and always eager to get new ideas on trends, style and aesthetic options. This taste is what led me to my biggest passion outside of work, which is photography.

At first I enjoyed taking photos the same way a lot of people do and didn't show them to anyone else other than my friends or family. The turning point was a trip I took to the United States in the summer of 2014.

I lived in Portland Oregon for 3 months, from there, I had the opportunity to discover New York and California including San Francisco to Los Angeles and Las Vegas. The people in those places inspired me, the lights, the atmosphere, all those details caught my eye and I started to develop a style and an idea of a series of photos that would later constitute my personal website,

The heartwarming feedback I got after showing my work publicly reinforced my dedication to my passion for photography and pushed me forward to undertake a new series of photos here in Paris (mostly indoors) but with the same 'touch' and attention to light.

It led me to do some shootings for Lifestyle magazines and brands after the site got noticeable attention. It was very interesting and this 'professionalization' of my passion does not overlap with my pure love for catching the essence of people and the surrounding atmosphere with my camera.


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