Nikolay Telenov

Nikolay Telenov

Intro / Career

I started out trying Codecademy once and... it was cool! A few months later I was already working as a junior web developer and was really happy. I had finally found a thing that I really liked (besides games and TV shows). Right now I'm a freelance front-end developer and codepen guy.


I always start with CodePen because it's the easiest way to rapidly create a prototype and show it to the client. If the complexity of a project drastically grows (especially front-end logic), then I move to the local environment e.g. Sublime Text as IDE, Gulp with tons of plugins for automatization and Webpack js-modules for maintainability.

Tips / Tricks / Tools

  • Always use Autoprefixer and CSS-Preprocessors.
  • Automate and customize your development environment. It will save you a lot of time.
  • Pay great attention to web performance. Always profile things with browser's DevTools.
  • Adopt and use CSS methodology, such as BEM for example. You can always slightly modify it for yourself when you are the only front-end guy on the project.
  • If some cool feature works everywhere except 'some browser', use it anyway, just try to create a fallback for 'some browser'. Always try new and amazing things, don't let some browsers keep you in the past.

Inspiration / Life

On a daily basis I check CodePen & Twitter to keep informed and for inspiration I often visit Dribbble, Codrops, CSSDA and other sites. I read tons of articles from front-end digests such as the Codrops Collective, CSS/JS Weekly and many more.

About things outside of work - my main hobby is the creation of front end demos on CodePen. Also, I'm a hardcore TV-show addict :)

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