Gregor Adams

Gregor Adams

Intro / Career

I am a self-taught developer who started his career a few years ago. Before that I used to work as a hairdresser. The urge to change my field had been there for a long time but it had to grow a few years to finally explode and take control. This same urge is now keeping me awake at night and has turned me into a never sleeping CSS-monster and design-oriented front-end developer.

I enjoy showing off my work and talking about my success thus having been invited to multiple conferences around the world and offered to write blog-articles as a guest author. My latest works tend to be featured in blogs, newsletters or spread via social-media channels which shows me that I made the right decision.

Projects / Workflow

When I work on a project I sit and work directly with concept designers and web-designers. I often bring in my own ideas and build prototypes to better describe or explain them. The prototypes are often developed in CodePen to save time and shared with my team or to get impressions from other developers.

Next I create a build process with grunt and work with a modular, component-based architecture. I love working with Sass and Jade while I write common JS modules. Both Sass and Jade are perfect for creating small components and allow to reuse and easily combine these.

My clients are often presented prototypes instead of designs. This gives them a better idea and feeling of the final product or feature. I create screencasts or small GIFs to show an effect as I also do with my experiments, making my twitter feed a colorful and lively world of joy.

Tips / Tricks / Tools

Most of my private experiments are hacks and they help me learn the limits given by different browsers. This makes it easier to decide upon the implementation of a feature and before I start my actual work I make sure the client and I are on the same page concerning browser support.

In contrast to my experiments, the work I do for clients is straight edge, well documented and in most cases does not include any hacks. I work very closely with the specs of different languages making sure my work is future proof. Older browsers are often fed with polyfills which can be removed when the support for this browser or version of the browser is dropped.

My current popularity and success is probably mostly driven by my activity on CodePen and Twitter. I like working with Photoshop but besides that I only need a text-editor, a terminal-window on a Unix-based system and a browser. I seldom use other features of my computer.

Inspiration/ Life

To gather new ideas I surf the web, chat with my @bullgit friends and take spiritual journeys through my mind via meditation and lucid dreaming. I don't really need much sleep. In most cases my body is happy with 4 - 5 hours a day. I don't smoke, drink alcohol or coffee and live a healthy and happy life.

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