Florian Morel

Florian Morel

Intro / Career

When I first got a computer with Internet, I started to sketch different (ugly) websites using Frontpage and later Dreamweaver. With no plans to study or a particular job, I attended an interactive design class and it all made sense. I didn't really think about it back then but it's funny to see where I have ended up.

The Gobelins school in Paris enabled me to reach a new level of skill and creativity, as a part of a team as well as a solo developer. I think that my latest projects showcase what I learnt at school but also what I learnt from other people in this field. This allowed me to shape my 'touch'.

As a student, one of the most valued moments was designing a children's iPad game together with a schoolmate that was featured at the Future En Seine exhibit in Paris. Seeing those guys having so much fun on something I built was invaluable. Career-wise, it was a big highlight to win the 'Developer of the Year Award' this year, it's heartwarming to realize that your peers value and respect your work.

Projects / Workflow

As a developer working in a small team (2-4), I usually work closely with the designer to make the best out of our time. We'll first decide which order to design and develop every part of the project, making everything a distinct module. That allows us to build an estimate of the planning and the milestones.

An agency is a different beast. I'm currently working at North Kingdom in Stockholm and it's a bit different since it involves a lot more people who all have a specific job (UX, client relationship, production...) and are really good at it. But my input as a developer is still valued, especially in terms of UX, feasibility and animation feedback.

Tips / Tricks / Tools

Communication is important since you want everyone to work on the same idea. Keynote is the go-to presentation tool. Skype & Hangouts are good tools for a quick chat, but the 'Share screen' feature is vital to share progress from the designer or developer side. I also use a lot of Google Drive or Dropbox for sharing assets. When you get into the animation specifics, Adobe After Effects makes it possible to share drafts of transitions and effects from the designer that the developer can then enhance with code.

Coding-wise, a good build process is usually the first thing to setup since it allows you to build and deploy in seconds. It also hides some of the complexity by automatically handling cross-browsers issues in CSS for instance, or managing your dependencies. I embraced the modular approach of code last year and it goes a long way, by increasing maintainability and productivity.

I use the browser developer tools a LOT, since it makes it possible to tweak values and see the result instantly. Coding is also a creative thus human activity so don't forget to ask, share, meet! Twitter is always a good starting point.

Life / Work / Balance

I share my free time between side-projects, too many TV shows, beers, books and indie games. They're all always a good break and also a good source of inspiration. And then I go back to Twitter.

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