Antoine Wodniack

Antoine Wodniack

Intro / Career

I started to create things for Web when I was 15, learning web development through the internet via online courses and tutorials before taking the more classic way with 3 years of university studies. There is something magical in coding I always loved. With a few lines of code you can create a site, you can play with animations to create a great experience and you can allow people from all around the world to interact... there is nearly no limit!

I started to work as a web developer in 2008, first as an employee in a web agency, then as a full time freelancer since 2011. I'm specialized in front-end and WordPress development, working for local, national and international web agencies and Art Directors.

Projects / Workflow

My work revolves around rather small projects, generally between 5 to 20 days of development.

I start working on projects at an early stage, most of the time at the conception stage to validate ideas with the web designer and make sure everything will be realisable. I also bring my creative touch by giving ideas about possible interactions, animations or responsive solutions.

Before starting to code I take time to look at the site as a whole, to have a good overview. By doing this I can cut out design in several areas and think how things will change in responsive, trying to identify difficulties and possible solutions in advance so I can keep my code organized and logical.

Tips / Tricks / Tools

I like to use a starter template I made by combining what I liked the most in well known templates like HTML5 Boilerplate, Bones, Underscores etc. I use tools like SASS and Compass for CSS, Emmet for fast coding and Komodo Edit as my text editor.

I also use jQuery for all the JS stuff, with GreenSock's tools for animations (TweenMax). It's really powerful yet simple to use - a must have! I regularly test what I do on several browsers and OS to be sure everything is working, and for this I use virtual machines (VMware) with PC and MAC installs. It's important for me to be able to produce top quality bugless sites in little time so I can work on cool projects for smaller clients with low budgets.

Life / Work / Balance

As a freelancer my time management is fundamental. I don't want to be overloaded by work so I forbid myself to work after 7pm or during week-ends. I fill my planner with one project at a time and keep time for unexpected things. I work around 9hrs a day, but consider that I can work only around 6h on a project, I keep the 3hrs left to handle administrative stuff, answer clients, learn new things etc.

When you are a developer or designer you spend most of the time making a living from your passion, but if you want to last a long time and keep your passion intact you have to find the balance between work and hobbies. So when work is over, I switch off my computer and go outside to play sport, almost everyday, at least 7hrs a week, so I can put work aside and think about something else.

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