Roanne Adams

Roanne Adams

If I've learned one thing as Creative Director and Founder of RoAndCo, it's that there isn't a single clearcut definition to what makes a great creative leader. With a living breathing business, it's my perpetual responsibility to adapt, to learn and to grow as my business changes. It's crucial to establish a healthy environment that's not only inviting for my team, but one that I want to be a part of as well. If you want respect from your employees, you have to give them respect. If you want them to be honest with you, you have to be honest with them. We are a small but growing team, so it's not only important but necessary for everyone to feel comfortable with each other.

Given the nature of an open, creative environment, I believe that fluid back and forth discussion carries a significant weight. Recognizing your own weakness and allowing other people's strengths to bridge the gaps is conducive to finding solutions - especially in collaborative design projects. By encouraging healthy debate and allowing opinions to be voiced, I'm exposed to a multitude of perspectives that help me to make important decisions that garner beautiful and innovative design and keep our clients happy.

I think I'm good at spotting talent and I've been fortunate enough to find an incredible hard working and adept team. This skill has been extraordinarily beneficial when it comes to delegating projects and pinpointing individual skills that appropriately coincide with the vision of a particular venture.

Taking on the role of Creative Leader is not an easy feat nor does it come naturally to everyone. After 8 years of experience, I remain humble. Despite my position, I'm still human and I'm not perfect. I want to be relatable and approachable to my team and to my clients. I want to inspire and I want to encourage. I want to grow as a leader - and as an individual and do my part in helping my team develop as professionals and as individuals, as well. I have confidence in myself and my team and have learned that it takes more than one person to successfully run a business. Allowing others to help me in this journey has allowed me to focus on the bigger picture and answer my eternal inner question of "What's next?"

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