Shogo Tabuchi

Shogo Tabuchi

The most challenging project was producing a promotion site for a drying machine.
It was a pretty large-scale project, but it was difficult because the budget was so small.

The client wanted the content of the site to promote sales by showing that without using a drying machine, clothes must be hung indoors, thereby taking up space and making rooms appear darker. But with a drying machine, one will have absolutely no laundry and therefore have more space; invite more friends; relax and have a better life.

To achieve this content, we were to take photos of 3 family lifestyle scenes. First, we needed an interior coordination for a living space with and without a laundry. We also needed a few models for each living space. Furthermore, we wanted to shoot a super slow-motion video for an appealing illustration.

It took a lot of trial and error to achieve the production we envisioned with such a small budget. So, we decided to use a production staff's home for the shooting. We also asked his wife and son to be the models. For the slow-motion camera, we used the cameraman's personal camera. By cutting these costs, we were able to launch a promotion site that the client desired.

It became a happy project for both the client and us. See the work here>

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