Kevin Wong

Kevin Wong

I think I am lucky because I have met lots of good clients in my career. The following is one of these, which I experienced a few months ago.

It was a web design project for the Sum Hing Carton box Factory (; a project that gave us a WOTD in CSSDA. Sum Hing is a traditional carton box manufacturer, supplying carton boxes to local businesses or individuals. In my city, this is not the kind of company that will put much emphasis on their corporate identity or needless to say, their online identity. It became one of the most challenging to me because there are limited industry references available on internet.

The story began with a simple conversation. "Hi, my website doesn't work on mobile, any solutions?" Francis, the owner of Sum Hing, asked on the phone. He then came to our office the next day to tell us what was wrong with his company website and showed us what he wanted, with plenty of references. All of us were impressed by his passion for doing the research and his attention to design detail as a person outside the design industry. At that moment we knew it would be a project with many possibilities.

After the first meeting, instead of estimating the scope based on the client's briefing, we did a little bit more. We carefully considered the clients' viewpoints, analysed their competitor's design, and eventually proposed an interesting creative direction - a stop-motion driven website with a simple online ordering function, i.e. what you can see via now.

This proposal was indeed outside of the client's expectations in terms of the scale of the web revamp and the cost. I clearly remember he said, "It is totally different from what I planned. Please give me some time to consider." Then, on that night, he called again and confirmed, "I have decided. I will leave it in your professional hands." And by saying that, he really meant it. From the first draft to the end product, he gave almost no comment, just appreciations and a few technical questions. To show our gratefulness, my team put 200% effort into completing this masterpiece.

This story made me rethink about the meaning of a good client. To me, a dream relation with a client may be like a doctor and a patient. For example, when you are sick, you would respect your doctor's judgement and place trust in his prescription even it is different from what you expect. Of course, the prerequisite of this dream scenario is that we need to first respect our own profession and work really hard for each opportunity.

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