Mariana Luna

Mariana Luna

My life changed when I decided to leave my life in Mexico City to enter a four month course in Digital Invaders, a digital creativity school. Supported by Mexican digital agency Grupo W, Digital Invaders reunites the talents of 15 people to create, breathe and work on digital projects for 4 months in a highly intensive internship.

Six years ago, I started as a graphic designer in BTL advertising agencies. Though demanding, the job was not transcendental enough for me because it was solely dedicated to campaigns with a promotional purpose. I realized that the work was not challenging enough, without any sort of creative goal. After working there for two years, I came to the conclusion that I wanted not only to design, but also to conceive ideas and solve major problems rather than only "sell".

The focused and collective work at Digital Invaders was incredible and happened to be just what I needed. The school is focused on intensive creativity/production development, which means that people will not be defined by what they studied, but on the contrary are invited to explore their own talents in other areas. I discovered my interest in UX and UI, in managing teams and projects. And after those four months of immersion in the digital area, I was hired by Grupo W.

If there is something worth knowing about Grupo W, it is the taught and applied "Do it yourself and go big" philosophy that, with the guidance of talented and experienced colleagues at Grupo W, allowed me to deliver 100% since my first project, without fear or restrictions.

One of the greatest satisfactions in this job is that we have earned the trust of one of the most important brands we work for. Although clients can always be difficult, thanks to the commitment and dedication we have had with the brand, it is now easier to make our ideas come true, because of the trust they have now in our work.

I think that the most important "asset" is that the customer does not see the agency only as a tool to fulfil its objectives, but as an essential partner. With this trust we can build projects with an international level of digital excellence.

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