Marek Suchanek

Marek Suchanek

I was a huge fan of graphic design from my childhood. I had no idea what graphic design was but loved to collect ice hockey cards with NHL players and Pogs and was inspired by the card designs and team logos, particularly the ones that shined and sparkled. I loved video games and movie titles, especially the ones from action movies like Bloodsport, Mortal Kombat, Predator or Alien… I was drawing the logos of sport brands all over the place. I guess there was a hunger for all kinds of graphic disciplines after the communist era in the Czech republic.

My first design experience started around 10 when I created my first personal ZIN of things I like. I used scissors, glue, pencil and markers. After a while I attended private art school where I learned traditional art techniques from drawing to sculpture and it continued to high school where I specialized in art. I was influenced by my mother who worked as a graphic designer in a small advertising agency and it was here that I met graphic programs like Corel Draw and Adobe Photoshop. I got familiar with Corel and designed my first CD cover when I was like 13yrs old.

Around 14-15 yrs old I started to play with a digital camera and was combining photos with typography and graphic elements. This was the real beginning of my graphic design career. After high school I attended Tomas Bata University in Zlin where I studied Graphic design. The core knowledge of what graphic design is I learned there. I was lucky enough to meet great classmates and share the passion together. I started to work in agencies from my first year in university which helped me see real processes between clients and designers.

After I gained enough experience in agencies and studios I started my freelance career in a small atelier which grew pretty fast. To see how fast we made progress makes me happy and gives me energy to continue further, to be smarter, stronger and better. I love my work which I believe is crucial for everyone who wants to achieve something in life.

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