Alejandro Vizio

Alejandro Vizio

I started with design, believe it or not, in high school. When I was 16 I wanted to work at Pixar so I started animating in Flash and even asked for a Flash MX introductory course for my birthday. Aside from this my first real design job was during senior year working on the parade posters which I did in Macromedia FreeHand, yep, FreeHand. Afterwards, I enrolled in design school where I finished my studies as a 'Visual Design Communicator'. I really enjoyed design school and it was here that I met my partner for starting our very own design studio.

At first I worked in an ad agency and my first years were hard. I was the only designer there in the beginning. A junior with no one to help or guide me but at the same time a lot of freedom. The agency started growing and everything went very well. Soon enough I felt the desire to try something else out, something new and challenging.

I started working in my spare time building Flash sites and wanted to become the best at doing it so I quit my four year old job and went over to a digital agency. I was looking forward to working more with Flash but they ended up asking me to learn HTML & CSS and I said what for?! Flash is the future! I started building simple sites then more and more complex ones. I worked with a front end monkey so I didn't code that much but it helped in learning the limitations.

After three years I got bored and travelled to the states determined to freelance at my favorite digital agencies. After a couple of months my buddy from design school told me he wanted to build something really cool; the best design agency Buenos Aires had ever seen. I trusted him and started the journey.

It's now three and a half years later and I am really enjoying my role as creative director at Aerolab. Decisions are hard and hopping from one job to the next can be challenging but I think if you find a place where you're surrounded with people that really push you, working in a team, nothing will go wrong. Right now I am happy. Right now there are no limits.

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