The New WOTY 2017 Showcase Site

The New WOTY 2017 Showcase Site

Another year of amazing websites is about to be honored via another amazing Website of the Year showcase site. This year Wokine from France stepped up to the challenge to help us showcase the best sites of the 2017.

A Wokine & CSSDA Collaboration

The CSSDA crew are proud to have pioneered open collaborations for producing showcase sites within the awards genre. These initiatives help foster positive competitiveness and maintain our industry's enviable reputation for openness and friendship.

Collaborations allow designers, developers and agencies to "go nuts" and produce world-class work without the constraints of typical client needs. The results are usually stunning and help set the trends for the following year.


The HOT new WOTY site by Wokine

In the new WOTY 2017 site by Wokine you will see the latest trends including skewed text and images mixed with motion effects and more. Wokine have also evolved some of our trend setting innovations from the WOTY 2016 site such as displaying the judges' avatars next to each screenshot for complete score transparency. Real-time scores are back to help you keep up with the ongoing scores by 270+ expert judges.

Announcing the finalists for WOTY 2017!

The finalists for WOTY 2017 are now ready for viewing and judging has officially started so head over to the new showcase site and help share the love for your favorite sites on social media!




Who are Wokine?

Wokine is a global digital agency and startup studio that provides innovative and modern aesthetic solutions. Wokine offers strong support of your digital innovation needs via a lasting relationship. Since 2004, they've won nearly a dozen national and international awards. These awards mean something. They're the guarantee that Wokine always give the best of themselves to each project, that they always keep their ambitions and standards high, and that each of their productions is on the leading edge of digital design.



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