The New WOTY 2016 Showcase Site

The New WOTY 2016 Showcase Site

WOTY 2016 has arrived and that means a whole new dedicated site to showcase the finalists, judges and winners. Visit the new Website of the Year 2016 site now if you can't wait or read on for a short overview.

Who built it?

The new WOTY site was lovingly built for the community via a collaboration between CSSDA, DUNCKELFELD & Cables although it is really DUNCKELFELD that deserve all the credit for the brilliant outcome ;)

This site is a beautiful piece of digital design and dev and we are humbly grateful for such an outstanding collaborative effort.


The new WOTY showcase features sumptuous visuals and cutting edge tech resulting in an on-trend high-performance experience. It's also proof that showcase websites can be far more than simply grids and reminds us why we all do what we do - for the sheer love of design & dev.


When you land on the new WOTY site you will be greeted by a webGL WOTY mascot (thanks Mikha Makhoul!) Be sure to click and hold it to get it pulsing. Scrolling down will present the finalists (hover their avatars to get the judges' scores) followed by a very nice mini-parallax gallery teaser for the judge's page.

This year we wanted to imbue the WOTY site with a sense of real-time action so whenever one of the 150 esteemed judging panel members casts a vote, the score updates in realtime. Visiting the site each day during the voting period will keep you up-to-date with who is leading the pack. During the voting period a summary of the latest judge’s scores will be shown but after the judging has finished, all scores by the judges will be viewable ensuring 100% transparency.

Process & awards

WOTY judging starts Monday the 21st of Nov and ends on the 30th of November. Finalists include Website of the Month winners along with a selection of the highest scoring WOTD winners. After WOTY comes Best In Class and we've brought back our popular web industry awards as a thank you to the broader community for all the resources, articles and apps that help make our industry turn. Designer of the Year will also be chosen at the end of the year.

That's it for now. The rest you can discover yourself by visiting the site. Hope you enjoy the all new WOTY 2016 experience!

Visit Website of the Year 2016 Showcase Site »



DUNCKELFELD are a digital creative agency located in Cologne, Germany that started on a dusty couch in a student share flat. Fast forward to today and they have carved out a distinguished name for themselves, synonymous with innovation and quality. DUNCKELFELD create digital experiences, visual identities and emotional connections between brands and people.

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