Meet the official WOTY 2014 Judging Panel

Meet the official WOTY 2014 Judging Panel

CSSDA are proud and honored to announce the official Judging Panel for the 2014 Website Of The Year.

Evaluating the best websites in the world requires the best people in the world. People with high level experience, a plethora of multidisciplinary skills and a keen eye for detail. Luckily we know such people and are very proud to present the official WOTY 2014 judging panel, a dream team of talented and distinguished web professionals from across the globe.

The CSSDA crew wish to thank the judges for their dedication to the craft of web design & development and we wish them luck in deciding who will be the first recipient of the web industry's most prestigious new trophy, the CSSDA shiny brackets.

Presenting the official judging panel for Website Of The Year 2014:

CSSDA - Official Judging Panel for WOTY 2014

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