Manchester Moleskine project

Manchester Moleskine project

Curated by local creatives Adam Stanway and Jon Massey, the Manchester Moleskine project is the latest design collaboration making its way through the rainy city.

Every great campaign, project, painting or song started somewhere. Often being the page of a sketchbook, journal or diary, on a clean napkin or the old favourite back of your hand jobby. Those intimate spaces are where creative moments happen when ideas are born and committed to in lead or ink.

The Manchester Moleskine concept is simple - 52 contributors based in Manchester will come together over the next year to fill the pages of the iconic notebook. With no brief included, participants are encouraged to use their artistic license on a double-page spread. This could be painting a masterpiece, scribbling wireframes, documenting the idea process or even setting a challenge for the next page.

Both self-confessed doodlers, it was Adam and Jon's love of their own sketchbooks that led them to create the project.

Jon Massey commented: "Each spread acts as an insight into how people work, how people conceive ideas and where the mind takes them.

Sketchbooks are often people safe heaven, a place to try new things, where there is freedom to express yourself without judgement. We're booting that door down for the greater good."

Adam Stanway added: "We're passing the baton from company directors to studio juniors, poets, artists, coders and musicians. Manchester Moleskine aims to build a unique network of people as well as a continually growing exhibition."

With the likes of Design MCR co-director John Owens, widely acclaimed artist Stan Chow, doodle-aholic Tash Willcocks, creative technologist Dan Hett and the SHE Choir already featuring in the book. The lads have set out to showcase Manchester's rich creative diversity whilst also giving onlookers the chance to explore the thought process and origins of how people work.

It's not everyday you get to see the first scamp or mark especially as many of the contributors are from a digital background. Take We Are Empire for example, they're a digital agency that deal with pixels not pens and given the challenge of forging something to paper may seem daunting. Instead they used this to their strength and produced a scribbling free-for-all, even created a stop motion animation documenting their involvement in the project.

The project is only a third of the way through with around 18 contributors to date. Outcomes of the project so far are professional relationships have flourished for contributors and industry awareness of Manchester's talent has widened. Also, MM are thrilled to have been asked to take part in this year's Design Manchester Festival.

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