Design / Dev Feed #41

Design / Dev Feed #41

A weekly collection of design and development goodies - issue #41, featuring Elastic Progress, SVG Modal Window, 6 Practical Examples For Building Parallax Websites, Pt.js, bLazy.js and more.

  • Elastic Progress by Lucas Bebber via Codrops

    An elastic SVG progress loader based on the Dribbble shot "Download" by xjw and implemented with SVG and TweenMax.

  • SVG Modal Window via CodyHouse

    A simple modal window with an animated SVG background.

  • Pt.js by William Ngan

    Pt is an experiment of visual forms in code and a study of Point, Form, and Space. It is experimental and fun, and this demo page shows various interactive sketches, usually done in short form (50-70 lines of code).

  • 6 Practical Examples For Building Parallax Websites via Tutorialzine

  • bLazy.js

    bLazy is a lightweight lazy loading image script. It lets you lazy load and multi-serve your images so you can save bandwidth and server requests.


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