Design / Dev Feed #39

Design / Dev Feed #39

A weekly collection of design and development goodies - issue #39, featuring Responsive Sidebar Navigation, Creating Material Design Ripple Effects with SVG, randomColor, flipgrid.js, Minigrid, Hover.css, Sequence.js, Chocolat.js and more.

  • Responsive Sidebar Navigation via CodyHouse

    An easy-to-integrate side, vertical navigation, ideal for dashboards and admin areas.

  • Creating Material Design Ripple Effects with SVG via Codrops

    An in-depth tutorial on how to build the ripple effect outlined under Google Material Design's Radial Action specification and combine it with the powers of SVG and GreenSock.

  • randomColor by David Merfield

    A color generator for JavaScript.

  • flipgrid.js by Eric Leong

    A simple, content-focused photo gallery inspired by Microsoft's Metro interface and CSS 3D transitions.

  • Minigrid: Minimal 2kb zero dependency cascading grid layout by Henrique Alves

  • Hover.css v2 by Ian Lunn

    A collection of CSS3 powered hover effects to be applied to links, buttons, logos, SVG, featured images and so on.

  • Sequence.js - The responsive CSS animation framework by Ian Lunn

  • 2015 Design Tools Survey | The Tools Designers Are Using Today

  • Chocolat.js: Responsive jQuery Lightbox Plugin by Nicolas Turlais


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