Design / Dev Feed #34

Design / Dev Feed #34

A weekly collection of design and development goodies - issue #34, featuring Pokemon Palettes, Quick Add To Cart, 3D(ish) Product Showcase, ColorClaim and more.

  • Pokemon Palettes by Gus Glover

    Explore the color schemes used to design Pokemon.

  • Quick Add To Cart via CodyHouse

    A handy snippet to let users customize a product directly from the products gallery, and add it to the cart.

  • CSS Coffee Machine by Ahmad Shadeed

  • Time by Mohan Khadka

    Based on a dribbble shot that has been used jquery, html and css.

  • Hexagon Blog Header Menu mashup by Jagsweb

  • 3D(ish) Product Showcase by Jamie Coulter

  • Load Bar With a Arc in the Middle by Eduardo Lopes

  • gradStop.js by Siddharth Parmar

    JavaScript micro library to generate equidistant gradient stops

  • ColorClaim

    Collecting & combining colors we love. And every tenth color will be something more special & different.

  • Task Planner by Akshay Nair

  • Pomodoro Timer by René Roth

  • CSS Radar Animation by iyunlu

  • CSS Radio Button Input Scale by Caleb Duren

  • Bruteforce Hacking Simulator by Marco Fugaro

    Visual rapresentaion of bruteforce hacking (letter per letter), as seen in Hollywood.

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