Design / Dev Feed #26

Design / Dev Feed #26

A weekly collection of design and development goodies - issue #26, featuring Triangular Sidebar Menu, Page Scroll Effects, Responsive Animated Infographic, CSS-only Gooey Menu, CSS-only Animated Weather Icons and more.

  • Triangular Sidebar Menu by Nikolay Talanov

    Based on a dribbble shot by Aurélien Salomon

  • Page Scroll Effects via CodyHouse

    Introducing a mini-library of experimental page scroll effects.

  • Responsive Animated Infographic by Sarah Drasner

  • CSS-only Sidebar Nav Animation by Dominic Magnifico

  • CSS-only Gooey Menu (No SVG) by Alex Coven

  • CSS-only Simple Tile Hover Effect by Chris Deacy

  • CSS-only Animated Weather Icons by Josh Bader

  • liste 22 by hajer

  • Card Inputs by Trevor McNaughton

  • Loader with Gooey effect by Julia Rechkunova

  • Free Vector Assets from the Foundry

    Foundry is a new way of utilizing scalable vector graphics for designers.

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