Design / Dev Feed #20

Design / Dev Feed #20

A weekly collection of design and development goodies - issue #20, featuring Easy Parallax, CSS4 Selectors, CSS Atomic Hamburger Menu, Marvel Logo Animation in CSS, CSS Material More Button and more.

  • Easy Parallax (4 lines of jQuery) by Brian Douglas

  • Gravitational Letters by Georgi Nikoloff

  • ramjet

    Morph DOM elements from one state to another with smooth transitions

  • CSS4 Selectors

  • Material Design Stopwatch, Alarm and Timer via Tutorialzine

  • 3D Folding Panel via CodyHouse

    A secondary content panel that folds flat, powered by CSS Transformations and jQuery.

  • CSS Atomic Hamburger Menu by Alex Coven

  • Marvel Logo Animation in CSS by Gregor Adams

  • CSS Material More Button by Alex Coven

  • Wheelnav.js - Animated wheel navigation javascript library

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