Deconstrukt #3: Top 20 About Page Designs

Deconstrukt #3: Top 20 About Page Designs

Who are you? The about page of your website says more about you than you may realize. People seldom visit just one site when they are considering your services and undoubtedly will compare your site to others. It is within this comparison that a frame of reference is created in the visitors' mind. By deconstructing some of the best about pages that have graced the CSSDA site in recent times, we hope to uncover the core elements that serve as the foundations of this reference and ultimately inspire more creativity to this often overlooked yet ubiquitous page.

In today's Deconstrukt we take a look at 16 top 'designer' about pages plus 4 excellent client about pages, all very successful in communicating a unique message.

We recommend visiting each about page via the link provided to experience the full effect of subtle animations and scroll effects that help complete each page.

Designer's About Pages:

  • Aerolab

    Aerolab have carved out an enviable reputation for unique and creative work which is evident in this very creative about page design. Best summed up as 'damn cool', visitors to the site are first greeted by Aerolab's brand mascot Friendly Kite Dude, this serves as a perfect hint of things to come. Overall the juxtaposition of elements on this page informs us of Aerolab's trade-mark 'edge' while the monotone palette keeps eveything subdued until delightful hover effects bring the page to life.

    Centering the content brings the user's mouse in to where the action happens. Visitors then become engaged after finding different surprises under each hoverable item. Subtle fade-in and motion FX add grace to the page load, helping to imbue the page with a gamified feel. Just when you think it's over, a block game beckons you to dust off your 80s arrow-key moves and you're back down the rabbit hole.

    #engaging #creative #original #video #greatHoverFX #blockGame!

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  • MLB Creative

    MLB Creative's about page design kicks the user right in the adrenal gland with its bold use of red and yellow layered images, themselves a masterpiece of attitude. Simple text blocks act like iced milk to help tone down the eye-chilli while subtle background movement is added to the imagery to enhance the quirky-ness and character of the page. A smattering of client logos followed by action shots of their people at play wrap the whole thing up into a mouth watering page that shows confidence, creativity and a passion for life.

    #inYourFace #colourful #creative #original #unforgettable

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  • nclud

    nclud's about page design shows remarkable adapdability and their willingness to innovate every facet of their site. This is digital design at its best featuring a synchronistic merging of hot graphic design and web design trends. A solid starting statement reversed out on black is best appreciated when coming from the highly potent and color-spectacuar home page. This bold use of 'flow-contrast' is followed by core information that is expertly presented with smart copy and just enough graphical elements to drive their story home.

    #intelligent #original #creative #solidPersonality #strongCallToAction

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  • Bubble Agency

    Bubble's about page ticks many boxes thanks to their fresh & friendly personality-rich design that's built on an undercurrent of professionalism. An obviously well-thought out page that incorporates creative typography and big headings contrasted against little gems of copy and a few quirky-in-a-good-way illustrated critters. A definite client pleasing page that also appeals to anyone that knows good design when they see it.

    #niceWork #goodStory #creative #original #simpleParallax #illustratedCritters

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  • Impossible Bureau

    Impossible Bureau's about page gets our first #aboutPage101 tag for containing a solid story of what they do that is backed up by beautifully presented elements to prove it. Subtle animation work plus some select clients and a unique way of presenting their team is topped off with a fearless call to action in a red div. A black footer of equal size serves to ground the page while offering a secondary call to action that cleverly does not compete hierarchically with the first.

    #clean&fresh #easyOnTheEye #subtleFX #aboutPage101 #niceElements #professional

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  • Thinkingbox

    Thinkingbox tease the prospective client to scroll their about page with classic yet creatively delivered elements like a color-washed video and nice, simple copy. Once the bait has been taken the visitor is hit with a grid of trending statements that imbue their company with a sense of buzz and busy-ness. A solid black box with reversed-out office location information brings calm to the storm along with a touch of 'seriousness' for those no-nonsense client-types that like their creativity in small, impressive bursts.

    #clean&Fresh #easyOnTheEye #subtleFX #aboutPage101 #niceElements #professional

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  • Kommigraphics Design Studio

    Kommigraphics are enjoying an enviable rise in notoriety due to their original brand of quasi-scientific minimalist design work as this about page design demonstrates. Like the whole Kommigraphics site, this page leaves no pixel unturned without careful consideration. The page has the effect of quietening the mind like walking 'around' the Guggenheim with its use of space, suscint type and 'essential elements-only' approach. A green and black on grey palette is used to finish off a page that leaves no doubt in the client's mind that they are dealing with true professionals.

    #minimalist #subtleFX #greatColourPalette #elegant #short&sharp #greatExecution

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  • Digital Telepathy

    Nothing gets a message across faster than big bold images, big headings and short but sweet copy. Digital Telepathy have mastered these stylistic elements with an about page design that is founded on a bed of subtle visual rhythm. One big image with copy followed by one colour box with copy followed by one image with copy and so on. Not only does this make the information easy to digest, it also makes for a super simple scroll to access the info. Team photo is classic.

    #visualRhythm #original #lightHearted #simpleScroll #classicTeamPic

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  • brightly

    brightly's design is a short & sharp love affair with bold colors and a focus on their people. Solid colors from a unique palette fill the screen with each scroll yet the effect is far from being overwhelming due to the controlled grid and 'just right' approach to how much info is on the page. This kind of design could very well impress the client but not give too much away, essentially providing a taste of what to expect while leading the visitor to contact them for more. Smart design.

    #colourful #highEnergy #peopleFocus #short&sharp #simpleScroll

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  • Urban Influence

    Urban Inluence's design is a smorgasboard of essential elements dipped in their own unique special sauce. A large serving of UI's logo is proudly reversed out over dark washed imagery that helps initiate the beginning of a fairly comprehensive visual meal. UI's people take up most of the page real estate and are presented via 'personality hovers' denoting the agency's creative attitude. A mini-wall of cool office photos is up next followed by a large call to action asking for great talent, which also reinforces the company's well deserved growth.

    #gig&bold #creative #fun #coolPeopleHovers #kickAssAttitude #comprehensive

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  • Team Geek

    Team Geek's about page welcomes visitors with some nice retro animated type that suits the tone of this short and sharp page perfectly. From here the visitor is greeted with smokey darkness, upon which, friendly content rests. Overall the page exumes a kind of contemporary urban grunge thanks to under-contrast pics and chunky hover type. Final pic "THINK BUILD GROW" empowers the visitor even if sub-consciously and may help push the confidence level up a notch to prospective clients.

    #niceSimpleTypeFX #peopleFocus #short&sweet #darkButFriendly

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  • Carmichael Lynch

    Carmichael Lynch's design starts with a bang of originality thanks to great typography overlayed over split screen video. This is topped off with a layer of our trending friend, smokey black. Scrolling down and first thought is that the eye candy has been put on hold, until another bang, this time in the form of unique loading effects for the people gallery. Clicking a person tile reveals a bit of thoughtful UX for navigating the remaining people.

    #splitScreenVideo #definitiveColorPalette #tileLoadFX #short&sweet #darkButAlive

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  • LMNOP Studios

    If you're lookng to be inspired by something typographic and completely different then look no further than LMNOP's about page. This page is a perfect example of brand-infusing all facets of your visual image into one coherent whole. Design traditionalists need not apply as LMNOP rewrite, nay... write the book on memorability thanks to that lovable old chestnut of design polarization. Some will love it, some will hate it, but everyone will have a comment. Brand talked about, job done. Easy scroll helps to complete the page by bringing order to the slight visual chaos brought on by the cool patterns within the very original type.

    #colourful #original #quirky #friendly #webMeetsModernism #polarizing

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  • Mostly Serious

    Besides being a candidate for our 'about page design 101' tag for studios at the 5 year mark, Mostly Serious could be mistaken for an agency out of the movie Pleasantville with this genuinely welcoming people focused design. All the classic client-wants are there... big welcoming photo slideshow of life in their studio, solid mission statement, client logos, fresh brewed coffee, and a big call to action. The difference here though is in the faces of the peeps. Genuine smiles like that don't grow on trees these days and it is that warmth that makes this a client pleaser.

    #clean&simple #peopleFocus #aboutPage101 #approachable #realSmiles

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    A first few milliseconds after looking at MIKII's handywork is all it takes to recognize the mark of quality digital craftsmen. This is a tastefully designed no-nonsense 'about page design 101' with a superbly color blended background video, bold reversed-out text and just the right amount of red. The usual suspects are there with people photos, action shots, clients and a big call to action but MIKII have taken it further in their own special reductionist way by adding some special extras without any page bloat.

    #clean&crisp #greatTone #aboutPage101 #stylish #callToAction

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  • Wonderland

    Wonderland's about page made the cut thanks to their courage to take the visitor in a completely different direction with a bold take on black and white minimalism. Designers may get minimalism but clients prefer a bit more informaton and Wonderland delivers with a real world amount of copy. Simple yet styled people pics are next followed by a huge call to action.

    #minimalist #black&white #Q&A #original #hugeCallToAction

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  • Belle Epoque

    There are many aspects that make minimalism work and two of the most important are composition and whitespace. Belle Epoque's about page delivers these in a timeless design that says all they wish to say. As with all good minimalism, this leaves the viewer wanting more so it is just as well Les Artisans provide more with just a click. A nice UX touch is added by presenting each artisan in a flow-through way from their individual detail pages.

    #minimalist #clean&crisp #clickToSeeDetails #elegant #timeless

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Client's About Pages:

  • Fornasetti by AQuest

    Fornasetti by AQuest is one of the most touching about page designs you will probably ever see. Admittedly it is a comprehensive historical walk-through rather than an about page but rarely do you see such considered work as this. Glorious emotive piano music sets the scene while simple scrolling walks you through a fascinating journey rich with visuals and facts. Make yourself a cuppa, throw your laptop on your bed and stay a while on this one. A tremendous effort and amazing outcome. The screenshot below is only a small snapshot of this about page.

    #exceptional #thoughtful #beautifullyPresented #creative #original #comprehensive #niceFX

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  • Richman-KCM by Visual Soldiers

    Richman-KCM are tax credit advisors which could be a hard target market to be creative for but for Visual Soldiers it's just another day in the office. The team at VS have 'nailed it' when it comes to selecting the right imagery and copy to tell R-KCM's story. Slick slide-in buildings and client-brand inspired color-palette are utilized to full effect and breathe just the right amount of life into a tough genre. Love the over-sized call to action/contact form.

    #laserFocusOnTargetMarket #clean&clear #subtleFX #bigCallToAction

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  • LELLA BALDI by AWD Agency

    This is a gorgeous page worthy of mention due to the timelessness of the design. Reminiscent of classic Italian books on style, this page oozes class yet does so with very few elements. Elegant typography and cut-out image effect help to finalize this classy page. Clients with a penchant for high design take note!

    #minimalist #simpleParallax #awesomeWhiteSpace #niceTypography

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