Cool Things To Make A Designer's Life Easier

Cool Things To Make A Designer's Life Easier

A new design renaissance is underway thanks to sites like Kickstarter. Here is a collection of things that may help ease your life or perhaps inspire you to design your own cool thing. Also included are a few designs from other notable sites like Business Insider & Design Taxi.

  • StandStand: the portable standing desk

  • The Sticker UI Book by Killer inc.

  • Aerial Bold: Kickstart the Planetary Search for Letterforms!

  • Refold's Portable Cardboard Standing Desk


  • A New Way To Carry Keys - KeyDisk 2

  • Sound Prizm | Natural Sound Projection & Docking System

  • Bracelet Charging Cable - for iPhone & Android

  • Budsband – End Tangle Frustration

  • Ledge - for MacBook. Made in USA

  • The SOOT Electropack 2: The Chargeable Carry-On, Perfected

  • SNAP! 6 - The Easiest Way To SNAP A SHOT With Your iPhone 6

  • Designer Transforms Old Apple Computers Into Modern Furniture

  • This New Ikea Desk Goes From Sit To Stand With the Push of a Button

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