Chaos & Candy ~ The New 2015 CSSDA Site

Chaos & Candy ~ The New 2015 CSSDA Site

The new 2015 CSSDA site is here with a colorful new palette and some sweet new features. Titled 'Chaos & Candy', the new site marks a change in style direction from minimalist to a more 'structured chaos' approach. The old monotone scheme has been sent on holiday and restrictive grids thrown in the trash... all to mark 5 years of phenomenal growth since launching in August 2010.

The new CSSDA site did not start out this way. The original brief was to create a slick minimalist user experience which itself got to version 40 before the decision was made to put minimalism on hold and build something more bold. From this point on, the CSSDA crew focussed on exploring color, energy and life while staying true to their number one focus - awarding and showcasing amazing sites, designers, judges and resources.

The core idea behind Chaos & Candy was to craft a visual celebration of web design & development; a site that expressed the energy and enthusiasm the web design community has shown the CSSDA site over the years, making it one of the most visited awards platforms on the planet with more Facebook followers than all other web award platforms (200K+ August 2015).

So what's new?

If you are a regular visitor to the CSSDA site the first thing you will notice is the new high-impact color scheme and slightly chaotic UI design to commemorate our 5th birthday this month (August). Bursting with premium content, the homepage has been beefed up to include snippets of the freshest content allowing visitors to gain a rapid overview of what's going on in the web design and dev world. This includes the latest sites, articles, jobs and events plus a new section titled 'Distracted' for those moments when you need to chill.

In the UX department we decided on multiple points of navigation starting with a simple-but-sweet drop down in the top menu beautifully crafted by Codyhouse (thanks guys!). This is backed up by big bold menu buttons placed at key user points throughout each of the site pages. For people on a mission we've placed a very practical, yet very retro, expanded menu in the footer displaying all site pages in one easy to find spot.

After satisfying UI requirements, the crew focussed on the number one request by the CSSDA community ~ to cater for employers and job seekers with a new Design Jobs section. Companies can now post jobs to attract the hottest new talent and professionals can keep an eye out for the latest full-time and freelance positions with their favorite studio or agency.

Keeping track of web design/dev events and conferences is now a lot easier thanks to the new Design Events section added to the CSSDA site that features a regularly updated hand-selected list of the year's best meet-ups.

Another major new feature to the 2015 CSSDA site is the Logo Wall. This is an inspiration wall that features logos from web designers, graphic designers and the best brand makers in the world. The purpose is to provide lateral color and form inspiration and give more exposure to pixel pioneers and visual trend setters.

The Dex is the final big addition to the new 2015 CSSDA site, so new in fact that the crew are still happily developing it. The Dex is the web industry's newest and most comprehensive design index for web professionals. More info to come soon!

It's time for us to 'zip it' and let you go and explore the new 2015 CSSDA site.

It's a little different.

We hope you like it.

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