Beautiful Unofficial Redesigns of Big Brand Digital

Beautiful Unofficial Redesigns of Big Brand Digital

A few articles ago we caught up with official site redesigns so now it's time to take a look at the best unofficial site redesigns.

The source for all this wonderful eye candy is Behance of course. In fact, redesigning big brand digital has become quite the trend at Behance so if you like what you see be sure to head to Behance for more.

Click the pic to see each project in full.

    • Twitter. A Digital Experience by Fred Nerby

    • LinkedIn Redesign Concept by Motaz Althaher

    • Instagram Redesign by Shkodran Arifi

Facebook - New Look & Concept by Fred Nerby

  • MTV Redesign by Aykut Yılmaz

  • IMDB Redesign by Rémi FAYOLLE & Gilles Bertaux

  • Behance (v.III) by Jeno K-Man

  • Wikipedia Redesign Concept by George Kvasnikov

  • YouTube - concept by Jaroslav Hach

  • Skype redesign by Altwork Design

  • Instagram Revise - A new interaction concept by Robin Gurski

  • Craigslist Redesign Concept by Roman Trilo

  • deviantART Concept by Erik Lindén

  • Gmail Redesign Concept by Ruslan Aliev

  • The New York Times 2.0 by Steve Fraschini

  • iStock rebrand concept by Jason Groenewald

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