25 Inspiring Web UI & Branding Projects

25 Inspiring Web UI & Branding Projects

This hot new batch of 25 inspiring UI & branding projects should help alleviate the creative blues. In today's roundup we take a look at the latest concepts for big brands like Coke, Sony and Vodafone plus the best of the rest on display at behance right now.

Visit the source to see each project in full.

  • Relatos Salvajes Movie - Official Website

    By DHNN Creative Agency

  • UI Design for National Trust

    By Raj Adarsh

  • Sony iOS App

    By Foram Vora

  • Coke Mixer App

    By Karim Khalid

  • Vodafone Centre Stage

    By Vadim Sherbakov

  • Web, Design, User Experience: 32 Myths To Be Dispelled

    By That's Com & Alessandro Giammaria

  • Privado iPhone App

    By Vitaly Rubtsov

  • Mini7

    By My Name Is, Basov Design, Zen Design & Anton Scherbik

  • Oregon Gridiron

    By Super Top Secret

  • Kanari UI/UX/Branding

    By Tameem Sankari

  • Cuchen Juicer

    By Alexander Kulikov

  • Cristel Online Shop

    By Alexander Kulikov

  • StudentBook App for Android

    By Pinal B

  • Live 365 - Panel

    By Lorenzo Bocchi

  • Final Branding and Layout Website

    By Karsten Tessmann

  • Georges

    By Solenn Robic

  • Tesla Customize iPad App

    By Gareth Dutrieux

  • Smart Cook Recipe iPad (Version) App in iOS 7

    By Pinal B

  • TRENDVIZ - Having An Overview Of All The Global News


  • Social Footprint App

    By Pedro Gaspar

  • Memo App & Branding

    By Laurent Ferrante

  • HOURS Gaming App

    By Radek Skrzypczak

  • Round iPhone app

    By Cuberto

  • BEETWN - Extreme Sports Magazine Concept

    By Josué Solano

  • Harbor UI Kit

    By Erigon

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