23 Smartwatch UI Designs & Concepts

23 Smartwatch UI Designs & Concepts

Wearable technology is here and growing fast. That means it's time for web designers, app designers and UI specialists to start yet another brain folder in their heads! To assist you in getting up to speed, we've put together the following roundup of the latest designs and concepts out there today. All thanks to Behance, Jivaldi, Venestudio, dribbble, Ciccaresedesign, and Deviantart.

Visit the source to see each project in full.

  • Spotify Pulse - Apple Watch UI

    By Omar Choudhry

  • Instagram Android Wear Concept UI

    By Aleksandar Nikcevic

  • cyclus™ - smartwatch concept

    By høly, George Telis & Thanos Pappas

  • iWatch Concept

    By Hari Ramachandran

  • Smart Watch iOS 7

    By Pinal B

  • Facebook Android Wear Concept UI

    By Vijay Gupta

  • Apple Watch Premier League Matchday App

    By Hasan Yalcin

  • iWatch Concept

    By Alexander Judin

  • Concept Smartwatch

    By Charlie No

  • A Timeless Smartwatch

    By Sam Bond

  • Raise – Android Wear App Concept

    By Roland Lehle

  • PayPal Moto 360 App

    By ufuk aydın

  • moto360 - Smart Watch Concept

    By Denny Moritz

  • Microsoft smartwatch concept - windows for wearables

    By Nadir Aslam

  • Watch "Earth and Moon"

    By Alexander Sorokin

  • calendar / clock - android wear concept app

    By Michal Galubinski & thoke design

  • A.D.E. Holographic watch n°1

    By Thierry Fischer

  • iWatch Design Concept

    By Jivaldi

  • iWatch Concept

    By Yrving Doveralba

  • iWatch Mock-Up

    By Thomas Bogner

  • iWatch

    By Ciccarese Design

  • Nokia Smartwatch

    By Jonas-Daehnert

  • Nokia Lumia 101 (Smartwatch)

    By ibolzurikato

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