2020 Website of the Year Winners!

2020 Website of the Year Winners!

Winning a daily and monthly award is an awesome achievement and something to be proud of. Winning WOTY on the other hand is a whole new level of success - particularly with a year like 2020 as the canvas. It's in tough times like these that true legends really shine.

Like the renaissance masters of yesterday, today's designers and developers weave the seemingly abstract into pure art. Those that innovate and move the industry forward while maintaining the highest standards become the inspiration for generations to come. Sure the tools may have changed but the challenge remains the same - and that's what WOTY is all about. Overcoming every obstacle and still producing brilliant work.

On behalf of the CSS Design Awards community we congratulate the winners and thank all other contestants, judges and fans for another brilliant year of web design and development!


Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond wins WOTY 2020.

CSSDA WOTY 2020 Winner


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