2015 Designer Of The Year Interview With Apt

2015 Designer Of The Year Interview With Apt

Q1. Congratulations on winning DOTY 2015! How does it feel to be recognized as CSSDA's best designer/agency in the world?

It feels great! It's an honor to receive such a prize and an acknowledgement for us as a company and for our clients.

We strive everyday to push our limits and break boundaries. To get the recognition for the work we do and know that it has a world-wide appeal is very satisfying and gives us even more motivation to keep developing our work.

Q2. Please give our community a quick overview of Apt.

Apt is a digital agency based in Oslo, Norway. It was established in 1999 and has since been recognized as one of the top digital agencies in Norway. We have a staff of 33 enthusiastic people. These are designers, developers, producers, 3D/motion designers and consultants. We have a partnership with TRY and POL which are the two top advertising agencies in Norway. We are therefore privileged to work with some of the best people with the best ideas.

Q3. If you were forced to choose one project as your favorite for 2015, which would it be and why?

It would have to be the Save The Rainforest project that we did together with POL. Not only is it created for a good cause. It gave us the opportunity to play around with Web GL and make a 360 experience of the life in the jungle. The site did not compromise its usability or content for mobile devices and in many ways we are quite proud that the experience using the site is almost better on mobile then on the desktop version. 

Q4. Producing award-winning work consistently is not an easy task, what is the secret of your success?

We think the hunger and the curiosity to always develop and learn new things are the perfect ingredients to produce good work. We have a very good team of skilled people that play well together. Apt has an environment where people can grow and learn. We also arrange a lot of social activities that makes this company a very fun place to work at.

Q5. Many agencies and designers look to your work for inspiration but who inspires you?

We are inspired by a variety of things, and each person has different needs. Sometimes only taking a different path home from work can be inspiring, others like to visit a museum, going to an art exhibition or simply stumbling upon clever UX solutions online. 

Q6. What trends would you like to see grow in 2016?

Pushing the boundaries and experiences further on hand-held devices and mobile in particular will be the challenge in 2016. As will making responsive sites into a richer experience.

Q7. How will your team celebrate winning one of the industry's top awards?

The whole company is going on a trip to Riga this month. This gives us an extra excuse to party even harder :)

On behalf of the CSSDA crew and the entire digital world, thank you for your highly inspiring and brilliant work throughout 2015. Do you have any final comments?

We would like to thank our partners in crime TRY and POL that serve us brilliant ideas and visions that we mould and challenge to become something more.

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