2014 Designer Of The Year Interview With AQuest

2014 Designer Of The Year Interview With AQuest

Q1. Congratulations on winning DOTY 2014! How does it feel to be recognized as the best agency in the world?

Proud and happy! Every day of the year we wake up full of enthusiasm, curiosity and desire to discover which web project is the best, the most original and the most innovative on CSSDA. It is a great joy and great pride - especially for our phenomenal team that grows every day - when after 365 days we receive an email that says: "We are very happy to inform you That AQuest are the winners of designer of The Year 2014, congrats!" Thanks to this award, we are more aware that Italy can compete with other big names in the web design world.

Q2. What year was the company founded and how did the name AQuest come to be chosen?

We were born 20 years ago and we wanted a name that started with the letter A (you know, it's the first of the alphabet, so we thought it would be useful). Finally, after hundreds of choices and crossings, the name "AQuest" was picked.

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Q3. How many people are working at AQuest right now?

Today more than 50 people work for AQuest and our average age is 27 years.

Q4. What is the secret of your success? How do you keep producing such high quality work?

The only secret is to try to see things differently and develop every project to the highest quality: this approach applies both to a small startup and for a large multinational. Then of course we put a lot of passion in our work and we put a lot of time to design useful and aesthetically original ideas.

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Q5. Italy is renowned for great designers across multiple industries, does this make it easier when producing world class work or add more pressure?

Neither pressure nor facilitation. Italy left a sign in the history of design and those who make our work are surely grateful to the designers of the past to be still so a big inspiration. However, today it is necessary to go beyond the simple comparison with the Italian design: therefore, the famous "Made in Italy" label makes us proud, but at the same time we want to compete with an international style.

Q6. Many agencies and designers look to you guys for inspiration but who inspires you?

Not any specific agency: we find that there are many really good agencies around! Every day The Web nourishes our minds and we let ourselves also be inspired by real life. For each new project, we always try to find something special, that extra detail that can make a difference.

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Q7. What trends would you like to see grow in 2015?

Responsive Web Design is an age-old reality for us, so we take it for granted, and generally speaking the "Less is More" rule is still valid. We believe in more storytelling and interaction, even in those "difficult" B2B sectors. We strongly trust in professional high-quality photography (instead of stock imagery) and in customized videos, very useful when you have to convey emotions, but also describe complex products or services. We've been already making longer scrolling sites, using powerful typography and hidden menus: we would love to see them become trending.

Q8. How will you celebrate winning DOTY 2014?

We are Italian, so we like to celebrate by eating! Our tradition in these cases is gathering to eat pastries: perhaps in this occasion we will celebrate with a big cake dedicated to CSSDA and toasting to you. ;)

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Q9. Have you chosen a space for your new CSSDA Shiny Brackets trophy, such as Fabio's desk ;) ?

Within the company we share everything, so the prize will not end up on my desk! ;) We will find an adequate space and it will be visible to all.

Q10. On behalf of the CSSDA crew and the entire digital world, thank you for your highly inspiring and consistently brilliant work. Is there anyone you wish to thank and do you have any final comments?

First of all we want to thank you for awarding us as Designer of the Year. I personally thank the whole AQuest team that continues to improve every day. Finally, I think that everyone will want to thank their families, who support us even when we work late at night to finish a project!

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