20 Latest CSS & JS Tuts + Experiments

20 Latest CSS & JS Tuts + Experiments

Today's roundup of 20 CSS & JS Tuts + Experiments includes a Responsive Client Testimonials Carousel, Fixed Navigation Transition, Monocle List, Waves effect, Impulse Dynamic Physics Interactions, Shine js, UI gradients, Animsition jQuery plugin, Ideal Image Slider, Exploding Slideshow, CSS Calculator, CSS Hover Effects, Menu Button Grid, Cover Flow, Menu With Following Line, Simple Landing Page Cover, The Glow Ribbon, Simple Oval Shadow, 3D Cube Rotating Menu, and CSS Loader.

  • Client Testimonials Carousel

    A responsive carousel showcasing selected client testimonials, powered by CSS and jQuery.

  • Fixed Navigation Transition

    Fixed headers are a must for long pages and important menus. The transition between an inline and a fixed navigation can really make design stand out.

  • Monocle List

    Scroll the page and see list items expand under the magnifying area.

  • Waves

    Click effect inspired by Google's Material Design

  • Impulse

    Dynamic Physics Interactions for the Mobile Web

  • Shine.js

    A library for pretty shadows.

  • UIgradients

    A handpicked collection of beautiful colour gradients for design and code.

  • Animsition

    A simple and easy jQuery plugin used to add page transition on css animations.

  • Ideal Image Slider

    Quite simply the ideal Image Slider in vanilla JS

  • Exploding Slideshow

  • CSS Calculator

  • CSS Hover Effects

  • Menu Button Grid

  • Cover Flow

  • Menu With Following Line

  • Simple Landing Page Cover

  • The Glow Ribbon

  • Simple Oval Shadow

  • 3D Cube Rotating Menu

  • CSS Loader

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