20 Fresh CSS & JS Tuts & Experiments

20 Fresh CSS & JS Tuts & Experiments

Today's CSS & JS roundup begins with more excellent Codrops hover effects and a new slideshow effect called Wobbly. Other highlights include Nathan Gordon's moving castle, a belated Happy Halloween experiment by CJ Gammon, Sweet Alert, plus more great work thanks to Codepen and CSSDeck. Enjoy!

  • Subtle Hover Effect Ideas by Codrops

    Codrops' ever growing collection of wonderful subtle hover effect ideas with various transitions.

  • Wobbly Slideshow Effect by Codrops

    The slides in this slideshow wobble as they move. The effect is based on Sergey Valiukh's Dribbble shot and was made using Snap.svg and morphing SVG paths.

  • Howl's Moving Castle By Nathan Gordon

    A tribute to Studio Ghibli's Exhibition in Paris, using web technologies which allow the user to control the castle's movement.

  • Happy Halloween

    A seasonal experiment inspired by CJ Gammon’s masking interaction

  • SweetAlert

    A beautiful replacement for Javascript's "Alert"

  • Pure CSS Rotating Label via CodePen

  • Tweene: Speed Control via CodePen

  • Pixelated Fade-In Effect via CodePen

  • Canvas Particle Fountain via CodePen

  • Zoom and Blur Background Image Effect via CodePen

  • CSS Slick Tables via CodePen

  • Morphing Preloader via CodePen

  • Scrolling Background Gradient via CodePen

  • Flat Surface Shader Earth via CodePen

  • CSS Icons With Reflection via CSSDeck

  • NeatNait Social Share Buttons via CSSDeck

  • CSS Only Neon Light via CSSDeck

  • Minimal Form via CSSDeck

  • Logo Loader via CSSDeck

  • Medusa via CodePen

    Using skrollr, svg, and some gsap for some fun scrolling halloween stuff with hand drawn elements. Elements change visually with some CSS filters...

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