15 Fresh HTML5, CSS3, JS Tuts & Experiments

15 Fresh HTML5, CSS3, JS Tuts & Experiments

3D Hover Effect for Thumbnails and Images

A simple CSS3 3D experiment showing the conversion of an image into a realistic 3D cuboid on hover with a cool shadow effect. Found at thecodeplayer.com.

Sliding Image Divider

It is an image divider that shows two different images and when you hover over it the partition follows your mouse movements. Found at webdesigncrowd.com.


CSS Shake

CSS classes to move your DOM! Found at github.

Grid Animation Effects

A small and simple walkthrough showcasing the usage of jQuery .delay(), jQuery easing plugin, and CSS3 transforms to animate some thumbnails in a grid. Found at thecodeplayer.com.


A Javascript library that allows you to create a Sticker Effect, no dependencies (jQuery not required). Found at cmiscm.com.

Perspective Mockups using CSS3 3D Transforms

Make some cool looking perspective mockups for your designs using CSS3 3D transforms. Found at thecodeplayer.com.

Border Animation Effect

This tutorial shows how to recreate a border animation effect using CSS transitions on SVG lines. Found at Codrops.


Multi Step Form with Progress Bar using jQuery and CSS3

Break a long form up into smaller logical sections and convert it into a multi-step form with a cool progress bar. Found at thecodeplayer.com.

Animated Radial/Circular menu

This is a radial menu made with CSS3 and JavaScript. Found at Codepen.


Groovy checkboxes. Found at Codepen.

A Simple, Light, Flexible, and Good-looking Share Button

Simple, light, flexible, and good-looking share button jquery plugin. Found at Codepen.

CSS3 Neon Glow

Pure CSS3 neon glow on text. Found at Codepen.


html5 javascript physics engine. Found at BRM.

Pure CSS Custom Dropdown Menu

Making HTML dropdowns not suck. Found at Codepen.

CSS A Wavy Grid

Wavy FX. Found at Codepen.

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