30 Creative Branding Projects From 2014

30 Creative Branding Projects From 2014

If branding hasn't become recognized as being the cornerstone of all design disciplines then it should be. Branding creates a world of information for the next designer in line charged with transforming the brand into real world products and digital collateral.

Today we take our hats off to brand designers everywhere. Here are some of our favorite branding projects from 2014 hand picked from Behance.

Visit each project to see them in full and to give kudos to the designers :)

  • HeForShe by DIA

  • X Y L A R T by Angelos Botsis

  • Diker Bau by Pixelinme

  • Diker Bau by Pixelinme

  • Sedonna Identity by IndustriaHED™ Branding Studio

  • Yellow Submarine burger by Ivan Dilberovic / ZOO agency

  • Una Kitchen & Microbrewery, CI/Branding by Tom Emil Olsen & KIND & Knut Harald Longva & Christoffer Meyer

  • Berlimo by Pixelinme

  • Misfit Shine by Denis Olenik & Pearl Studios & Den Brooks

  • NEXT TV Branding by FourPlus & Boris P. Borisov & Jelio Dimitrov & Teodor Peevski

  • WORLD CUP SKATEBOARDING Identity by Konstantin Shalev

  • Wooden Kingdom™ by Dawid Cmok

  • INVSBLE Branding, Furniture Design & Plexiglass by Emanuel Cohen & Justin Lortie

  • Monte Cristallo by Gustavo Freitas

  • Coffee to Go by Dima Je

  • Les Passages Insolites by Justin Bechard & HATEM + D

  • Personal Branding by Kogulan Sivaneshan


  • Gandour by Mash Creative & Socio Design

  • Odins Beard by James Allan

  • Logo for XYY Fashion shop by Maurizio Pagnozzi

  • More Negative Space Madness by George Bokhua

  • FIFTY \ FIFTY by James Allan

  • Tokyo Cafe by Marlon Mayugba

  • 9+ Business Card + Tablet Free Mockup VOL 2 [Download] by Tomasz Mazurczak

  • One Year of Logos 2013 - 2014 by Maurizio Pagnozzi

  • Oceantzar by Andrei Hancu

  • LOGO LOUNGE 2.0 20I4 by Martin Grohs

  • Azedo Free Font by Pedro Azedo

  • Hand Lettered Logos by Tobias Hall

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