10 Cool CSS & JS Demos + Tuts To Apply and Use

10 Cool CSS & JS Demos + Tuts To Apply and Use


An entirely HTML/CSS animated sketch for each letter made (hopefully) every day for 26 days. Follow the link in each post to view the animation's code.

Text Input Love

Input styles that don't rely on hover, by showing the label at all times, and show placeholder text

Fullscreen Overlay Effects

Some simple and creative overlay styles and effects


Multiplane Design with SVGs and CSS 3D Transforms


CSS Exploration: Origami like plane creation

Reactive CSS Transitions

These simple CSS blocks are alive. Each block reacts to its neighbors by transforming border-radius and color. Endless block formations, endless reactiion.


A simple jQuery slider in a 3D design

Unfolding Menu Animation


CSS3 Timeline

Double ring with Pure CSS

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