About The CSSDA

Every day of the year the CSSDA judges scrutinize submissions from web professionals in over 200 countries on a quest to award and promote brilliant web design and uncover the world's best web designers.

Judging Criteria

To be nominated for a CSSDA award requires a holistic approach to web design where all parts of the website are equal to the whole. To this end, all sites submitted will be judged against the following criteria:

Creativity + Design

The concept . the big (or little) idea . layout design . colors . individuality . personality . emotion . style . voice . tone . originality

Code + Functionality

CSS . HTML . FX . multi-platform adaptability . compatibility . error free . flawless function . engaging interactivity . innovative & consistent

Usability + Content

Intuitive navigation . good performance . organized & prioritized . easily discoverable & consumable . relevant . clever . polished & complete

~ · ~


All eligible sites submitted receive feedback from the judges and are placed in the general CSS gallery if they fail to be nominated. This provides the designer the opportunity to change any issues found by the judges and re-submit the site, requesting the judges re-examine the site for a possible nomination (submission fee applies).

2 x Scoring Systems

There are now 2 different types of scoring systems at play on CSSDA. The first system is based on criteria points for determining WOTD (website of the day) and the second utilizes WOTY points for determining WOTY (website of the year). Criteria points are awarded by the judges only while WOTY points come in the form of review stars which are awarded by both CSSDA's editor in chief and by the viewers. The points are allocated depending on how many stars you are given. Full stars from the editor are worth 1,000 points with half stars equalling 500 points. Full stars from viewers are worth 20 points while half stars equal 10 points.

Nominees & WOTD (website of the day)

All nominees receive a score from the judges pertaining to the judging criteria. The highest scoring site from each day's nominations is awarded WOTD and archived to its own special day of the year. There can be only 365 WOTD recipients in any given year.

Nominees are permitted to update any low scoring sections of their submitted site and re-submit it, requesting the judges re-examine the site (note: submission fee applies). For example, if your site gets a low score for Code + Functionality due to excessive code errors but your scores are high in other criteria, you can fix the errors and re-submit the site for another round of judging for WOTD.

WOTM (website of the month)

At the end of each month all WOTD winners are re-assessed by the judges and a WOTM awarded. Winning WOTM brings with it 2,000 WOTY points that go toward your final end of year score for WOTY (website of the year).

WOTM winners also receive a written review quote from CSSDA's editor in chief that is displayed on the award page of the recipient. Recipients are authorized to utilize this review in any marketing or promotion of their award to the public.

DOTY (designer of the year)

DOTY has been introduced to reward the designer/team with the most amount of WOTDs and WOTMs for a given year. In the instance of 2 or more sites with an equal amount of wins, the CSSDA judges will re-assess the sites and a final decision made.

People's Choice WOTY (website of the year)

WOTY gives the global web design community and CSSDA's viewers a chance to voice their collective opinions and choose a Public Choice Website Of The Year. Half stars from viewers carry 10 points while full stars are equal to 20 points. Only sites that reach 20,000 points become WOTY 2014 finalists. Viewers then choose a winner from finalists during WOTY week at the end of 2014.

Submission Guidelines

  • High quality screenshots and accurate information
  • Complete and fully functioning, no 'Coming Soon' pages or broken links
  • Original work only (not copied from someone else or pre-built themes)
  • No racist, pornographic or highly offensive sites
  • All entry information in English


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