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What began as an inspirational showcase in 2010 is now one of world's top two most visited online web awards (Alexa) and the most followed awards on Facebook (180K+ Jan 2015).

About the CSS Design Awards

CSSDA is an international web awards platform that honors and showcases the world's best examples of holistic web design from the world's best web designers. Each and every day the CSSDA judges evaluate submissions from solo designers, studios and agencies on a quest to reward and promote web design work that perfectly balances creativity, functionality and usability.

Daily, monthly and yearly awards are presented for outstanding creativity and technical proficiency.

Winners are rewarded by way of official site badges, certificates and trophies plus recognition from tens of thousands of daily visitors.

Judging Criteria

To be nominated for a CSSDA award requires a holistic approach to web design where all parts of the website are equal to the whole. Submitted sites receive a score from 1 to 10 based on the site's creativity, code, functionality and usability.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should include high quality screenshots and accurate information. Sites must be complete and the work must be original (no re-skinned prebuilt themes that someone else built). Racist, pornographic or hate based sites will likely not receive a nomination. Entry information is to be in English where possible.

Visit the awards page to see our official certificates and hand crafted 'shiny brackets' trophies.

CSS Design Awards Trophies
The Shiny Brackets are the ultimate symbol of recognition for excellence in web design and development. A timeless memento finished in brushed chrome and gold for long term appreciation of your achievement.

Creative Design

  • First Impressions
  • The Concept Behind The Design
  • Originality
  • Layout & Composition
  • Color Scheme
  • Personality
  • Style
  • Tone

Code & Functionality

  • Structure
  • Semantic Markup
  • Multi-Platform Adaptability
  • Low Or No Error Count
  • Flawless Functionality
  • Innovation
  • Consistency
  • Proficiency

Usability & Content

  • User Experience
  • Intuitive Navigation
  • Good Performance
  • Fast Loading
  • Hierarchically Organized
  • Easily Discoverable Content
  • High Quality Content
  • Visual Communication


1. Submitted sites are first checked for eligibility by the CSSDA crew in accordance with our guidelines. Designers of sites that receive a nomination are sent an official letter of nomination and site badge for the nominated site. Nominated sites are then added to the nominees gallery ready for evaluation by CSSDA's highly experienced and respected judging panel.

2. Nominated websites are evaluated against the judging criteria. One WOTD (Website Of The Day) is honored on the next available day of the year. The designer of the winning site is sent an email of notification with collection details for their official CSSDA WOTD digital certificate and site badge. The winner's site is added to the WOTD gallery with their accomplishment published on-site and across CSSDA's social network pages.

3. WOTD award winners are automatically nominated for WOTM (Website Of The Month) which is rejudged at the end of each month. The designer of the WOTM winning site is sent an email of notification with collection details for their official CSSDA WOTM certificate and site badge. The winner's site is added to the prestigious WOTM gallery with the achievement republished on-site and across CSSDA's social network pages.

4. WOTD & WOTM winners are automatically in the running for WOTY & DOTY (Website Of The Year and Designer Of The Year respectively) to be run at the end of each year. The top nominees for WOTY & DOTY are published on the CSSDA leaderboard as the final months approach.

5. WOTY and DOTY. The WOTY nominees are judged near the end of the year while DOTY Agency/Studio and DOTY Solo/Small Studio are awarded purely on the highest amount of wins throughout the year of both WOTDs and WOTMs awards.

6. Winners of WOTY, DOTY and DOTY S each receive a handcrafted and unique CSSDA trophy to keep as a memento of their success along with official certificates. Winners are added to their respective galleries and published on-site and across CSSDA's social network.


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